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Films & Society
Are the present day's films copying the society or is it the reverse ???
Started on  1-Mar-2003  By  sneharamesh   E-mail :

Yes . As you can see they are trying to copy our normal life and I feel it is very wrong to do it . This may hurt a person's feeling.


Dear Sneha, I share the same views of yours. The films are truly copying the society's problems, feelings etc. This may create a bad impact on the younger generation. I feel films shouldn't copy the society.


Well thank you Samidha and Varalakshmi for putting forward your views. I think that the society is copying the films and are forgetting that films are films and life is life .


I agree with Sneha. The society is definitely copying films. Whatever is shown in films is not the normal life of people. It's a fantasy. And by copying films, our younger generation starts to live in fantasy instead of reality.


Well thank you Samidha and Varalakshmi for putting forward your views. I think that the society is copying the films and are forgetting that films are films and life is life .


I think films today deal with more sensitive issues like sex, violence, politics and relationship. They do deal with issues which are concerned with a normal man's day to day life but some of them even open our eyes and on the other hand they do make a deep impact on the minds of the youth. Some of the movies relating to very sensitive issues like sex and violence take people in the world of fantasy by exaggerating but in reality it is the other way round. So I think that it all depends on how you perceive it. It has its own good and ill-effects.


These days much gang-ho has been created with respect to "the mirror of society"--FILMS. An eager contribution comes from the economic side of films. With the change in society, films as a part and parcel of this change are adopting new norms which have fast gained acceptance. Subjects which were considered bold by yester year's makers are now being made in bulk with impunity. As a result, the word "EXPOSURE" has attained a new meaning in this changing context. IN MODERN TERMINOLOGY , IT MEANS SKIN SHOW which has now-a-days become a much "practical" proposition. Well in this scenario no one is to blame since world with respect to ideology has become somewhat "AmErIcAnIzEd". AMERICAN concepts are fast gaining ground in the GEN X MINDSET. BUT seen in wider and more clear context, the word "exposure" has a much wider meaning. EXPOSURE , according to me, is adaptation of various cultures which get modifed when they are experimented within indian scenario. Keeping this consideration in mind , i find EUROPEAN CINEMA quite interesting since there is variety in it's content as compared to hollywood. Now arises the question of impact of films on society. Impact these days is quite drastic. Let us hope that it changes and we are able to see the film with our family and not without our family.


Very good


It's absolutly right that today's generation is very much affected by films as they the adopt same views in their personal lives.

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