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Everyone in this universe has a friend on whom they can rely on, in times of joy or sorrow, in better words we can call them a true friend or our best friend. A true friend can even be an animal or can be books. It can also be a human, or it can even be God himself. Who is your best friend and why?
Started on  1-Apr-2003  By  varalakshmi   E-mail :

My best friend is a girl in my class I can tell her anything- well almost anything. She is my best friend because we have known each other for a long time and we tell each other almost everything.


Hi! cutie pie it is always good or best friends such as yours. But I think that my best friend is my mother. Though she is not my age, there are a lot of benefits of having friends elder to you because they understand your difficulties and you too as they are more experienced than you as they must have undergone such difficulties too


I have a best friend named Sammena! We both share opposite qualities and so there is no problem in getting along like one. e.g. is that I don't speak so much but she goes on and on with her experiences and I like it. The best thing is that our attitudes never clash!


My best friend is Shrishti. She is my best friend because we both fight together and then we patch up with each other. We share our secrets together.We both do everything together. We are best friends


Hi everyone! I call someone my best friend when she/he trusts me as much as I trust them. Best friends can share almost anything without the fear of disclosing their secrets. They are like one mind in two bodies and I'm lucky to have two such friends.


I have loads of best friends, one is a girl in my class and I can tell her loads of stuff but lately another girl has been interfering and making us fight but we are still friends.; My dogs are really nice because one of them has been with me since I could walk and is so old but gorgeous!!!




hi even I have a best friend her name is Ashish. She keeps all my secrets with her and I keep all her secrets. Well when we get bored we meet at anyones place and go for a movie or so do you also want to be my friend then mail me ok bye.


I feel that a true friend is extremely significat in each and every one's life. A friend can even be closer than a sibling. Friends are made for each other and come in hand in any tricky situation, any misunderstanding, sadness, etc. So all of us are very lucky to have good friends, if not be one !!


I have many friends but I have never been able to find a true friend, I was never able to talk to them about anything outside the common topics. I always wished for a friend to whom I can confide fully & I found such a friend. My friend is not a human, animal, book or non living thing but an imaginary friend. I can confide fully to her, more over she is patient, I can share all the ideas that lie deep in my mind with her, and while talking to her I can understand myself better. She is not a perfect being she has her own short comings but she is a true friend who is always near me in need. She laughs with me when I laugh, she consoles me when I am sad, she makes me calm when I am angry. I love her.


A best friend always takes part in the happiness and sorrow time, without and hesitation, with joy and enthusiastically. There are few lucky person who can boast to have a best and real friend. I am one among of them having such a friend- O.P. sharma. who has a thinking of the spiritual and metaphysical on one hand and computer and science research another hand. A blend of the conceptions and Moderness. Always teaches me a way of truth and honesty. Always with me in my all feelings.


I am new to forums, I am going to start with a new technology information to all….. My friend is staying in Mumbai… On her birthday I try to wish her at mid night 12 ‘o’ clock but I am working in call center in nightshift, I am not supposed to use mobile phone inside the office. So I was really confused how to wish her, at that time I heard about touch live……. Touch live is a voice card , where we can record our own voice message, fix up the date and time and enter the contact numbers, then the message will reach the person at that time. I felt happy. Next day I called her, she told me that she received the voice message by sharp 12 ‘o’ clock. Its amazing ya… If you all want more details about it means visit the website www. I hope I will get more friends through forums. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Its true that we need friends. But in today's time it is very hard to find a true friend. People become friends with you seeing whether you are rich and other criteria. They try to become friends with innocent prodigals and spendthrifts so that they can enjoy eating food and other luxuries. So I think a friend should not be like this. We should understand properly the person's motive behind his/her friendship with us and only then we should become friends with him or her. We should draw the line in friendship and should not be emotionally dependant on them. I have a best friend now but I don't know whether she is a true friend or not because its only 1 year since I have made friends with her. After I come to know whether she is a true friend, a soul mate I will surely tell you.


Hi everyone I also want to share my feelings regarding best friend. I have a best friend. We have been friends for 10 years and this is our 11th year of friendship going on. I can't express my feelings regarding our friendship. I mean I am speechless. No one in the world can define a true friend,. Its more than that. I think you all must be blessed with a true friend if not then don't be upset just wait for the right time and I am sure that you will be able to find a TRUE FRIEND. Well this was my story regarding the best friend, now its your turn to tell about your TRUE FRIEND. Thank you....


No, I am completely against giving much freedom to teenagers as they hardly know the difference between what is right n what is wrong.


A best friend is the one who sails with you in the ship of friendship to paradise. My best friend is MY MOM. Yes,she is definitely much elder to me. But this does not matter much. MY mom LETS ME SHARE WITH HER ALL MY PROBLEMS,JOYS and all happenings around. I LOVE THIS BEST FRIEND OF MINE! I LOVE HER!


A best friend is the one who sails with you in the ship of friendship to paradise. My best friend is MY MOM. Yes,she is definitely much elder to me. But this does not matter much. MY mom LETS ME SHARE WITH HER ALL MY PROBLEMS,JOYS and all happenings around. I LOVE THIS BEST FRIEND OF MINE! I LOVE HER!

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