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Freedom To Youngsters
Should The New Generation be given The Freedom to do what they like?
Started on  1-Apr-2003  By  samidha   E-mail :

Yes and no yes because I think that they should have the privilege to do whatever they feel like. No because it could get them killed or something like that and that would not be good but if they did do whatever they want they might have a chance of learning something new.


Yes, because they are the future of the country. They have their own mind and they can understand what is right and what is wrong. They do their work according to the expectation of their parents. If we force them then they cannot do the work in a better way. So the new generation should be given the freedom to do what they like.


Freedom is very important for individuals but the new generation today is wild and full of crazy ideas. They first must realize that with freedom comes a responsibility which they must fulfill


For good progress youth should be given freedom


I do not think the younger generation should given too much of freedom as with freedom responsibility is required which is not properly exercised by the younger generations.


Teenagers can be given freedom only to a certain extent. Excess freedom may distract even a hardworking student from studies. For example,a teenager might be going with friends to see only selected films.After sometime,he might ask his parent to allow him to go to any movie his friends are going to irrespective of what type of film it is. This will surely lead to his destruction. So one should not be given excessive freedom.


They should be given freedom to only a certain extent


If brought up properly and the right values are instilled in them, they'd do what's right if given freedom. Giving them no freedom shows insecure parents and improper bringing up.


In my opinion, the increasing rate of social problem among the youth nowadays has shown that the youth are really given too much of freedom until the youth themselves do whatever they want regardless to what is right or wrong. Obviously, this is rather a very serious phenomenon since the youth today is the leader of tommorow! However, I am not saying that youth should not be given any freedom, but before giving the freedom to youth, parents should first impart or educate them with the good moral value and noble virtue. By doing this, the youth will know how to differentiate between the good and bad and most importantly, they will not do anything that is against the law. Prevention is better than cure.


Well this question keeps on plaguing every disscussion forum all over the world. Everybody who thinks about this issue keeps on passing the buck on each others shoulders, but have we ever thought where the fault lines are drawn. Is it the childern's fault who keep on getting influenced by western media or is it the parent's fault who curse the changing times. Let's first draw a line of demarcation between the two compartments which clearly separate the two in totality. At demand side of the expectations graph, we have parents and childern who are in a confused state of mind unable to decide what to do. They keep on blaming each other and tend to make the situation more marshier. At supply side, we have media which keeps on injecting injections of modernity into the veins of today's youth more frequently. For a balanced viewpoint, we need to think by standing in the midddle and pondering over each and every issue from an equal distant so that we can arrive at a consensus in the near future.


Though I'm a teenage girl I still feel that this is the most critical stage in your life where you falter without knowing what is good and what is bad. You easily get influenced by everything you see trendy. You start getting into unhealthy relationships. In order to avoid all this I think you should have a person real close to you who can guide you what you can do and what you shouldnt. Freedom should be given in a balanced manner to the youngsters in the present generation.


yes bcoz they are innovative & have different ideas in there mind. They must be allowed & free to do what they like.


This topic has become a burning question to our society. To me teenagers nowadays are free enough to express their ideas,but sometimes excess freedom can also lead them to take some immature steps. So,the parents have to teach their child some morals before giving them freedom so that they can understand what is wrong and what is right.


Teens should be given more freedom to do things that they think is right. It is the time for the teens to show their maturity. Sometimes we misunderstand them. We always think that they cannot take the right decision. We can understand them much better if we give them more freedom.


I believe they should get freedom to do what they are interested in. I do not mean indulging in bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. Freedom in the sense of choosing any activity they would enjoy, doing project work, going to movie, watching tv shows or playing any sport, dancing, attending any seminars, hanging out with friends etc. We should learn to trust our children. If we distrust them, they will eventually deceive us. Parents shoud try to involve the children in their daily activities. Show them your love and concern for them. They will not try to hide anything from you. Ultimately you will trust them and give them freedom.


I think youngsters deserve freedom when they know their limits and restrictions. They have to understand that enjoying freedom doesn't mean that they have to forget their responsibilities and duties. Youngsters should not be arrogant and say that it is their life and they can do whatever they wish to do. Youngsters can enjoy freedom in ways like to choose to study what they are interested in, to indulge in hobbies they are keen of like swimming etc and choosing their own friends, buying clothes and other things. But they have no freedom to do something which will bring someone down, hurt them and because of which their parents will be ashamed. So youngsters have to keep in mind their parents and what will happen to them after you do it while doing something which you feel you deserve to do.


You are wonderful. Your ideas are great.


I dont think that youngsters should be given freedom because I personally feel that they do not know their limits and they cross their supposed boundries be it unknowingly or knowingly. Enjoyment is essential but too much of it is not good for health. Since teenagers, are still dependent on their parents, they don't realise the value of money and spend them like flowing water. Teenagers plz realise ,"u r dependent, not independent"


i think teenager should not have permission whatever they want because this is the when they divert towards the wrong path . parents always give good suggestion to their children. they never want bad for their children






yes its right that there should be freedom for the youth because they don't want to depend on other. They want to live their life on their own way and it's right.


I think some time they have to be free on their own well while some time they should be restricted. First, they should be given freedom in their choice to select the career which they like more, in sports youngers shuld be have freedom. Second, some decisions where they do not have experience so here they should be restricted. I think freedom depends on situations.


Anything in excess do not bring good results always. This is a well established fact. When we talk about having freedom, then this should also be within certain boundaries. Restrictions to some extent always prove beneficial in future.


Parents should give freedom but only to a certain extent.

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