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should Mothers work?
Mothers should have freedom of their choice. It's absolutely fine if mothers work and can cope up with the household and the children. But if it is difficult for her to cope up its better to work part time. So that even the children can get the required quality time from their mothers.
Started on  4-Mar-2006  By  Riya Savla   E-mail :

Mothers have the freedom to do whatever they want. We are not supposed to decide about this. Many people have different choices. Choices varies.


I think they should. Because these days the expenditure for various things is increasing.They should also give their helping hand to the father for maintaining it.If they are rich it is O.K but if they are poor or of a middle class family it is must.They should meet the general things like food,shelter,clothing.


Mothers!!!!! Are you there? You have freedom for your choices, so your children have faith in you.


Mother's should work to stand on their feet.When women in other coutries work why cannot people in our country work. Women in this world can work .I do agree when mothers should take care about their children. When the mother works the childern will become independent on their own. Even my mother works but she spends time with me. So I request each&every mother should work.


According to me, mothers should'nt work because in the beginning they will be able to tackle the whole responsibilities both at home and at their offices. But later they can't handle the whole responsibilities. They'll get tired,they cannot take care of their children. Nowadays this is the problem faced by most of the children by their mothers. They are not getting the love which is necessary by their mother.


Hi Riya, I agree that mothers should have the liberty to work as long as they are able to provide enough time and guidance to their children. I am a working mother of 3+ and my office timings are same as his school timings. My son goes to a day boarding school from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM and my office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Since the time he comes from school, I am there with him. It is very satisfying to raise your kids in front of your eyes. Good day boarding schools play a crucial part in this type of setup. Are there good day boarding schools in Mumbai? I will be moving to Mumbai in this month and wonder whether this set up will work there.


Hi my name is Shreya Talwar. My response towards this discussion is that I really dont think that mothers should sit at home all day and keep doing household work. Their world should be much more than that. What I have to say is that after a few years we will also grow up and have kids, how will you feel when they will ask you to sit at home and look after them 24 hours a day. My mother is a teacher and is working . I don't find a problem because Iwork on my part too. i dont complain that much . But yes sometimes mothers are not able to manage which results in such discussions. Also some mothers like to stay home and look after their children that's good I mean there's no harm. Its our duty to look at thing in both points of view.


Yes...I think moms should work...Today is an era where expenditures are so high that it is almost impossible to run the family smoothly. So both need to work. Also to provide kids better facilities n a good lifestyle, its essential for moms to work.


In my opinion, every mother should be given an opportunity to work because her schooling would be a waste if she wouldn't work. Ofcourse, household work is a routine, But for that ten years of schooling cannot be wasted.


Society is fast changing. This change is occuring at a fast pace in our society. a society seen in a generic sense means a number of people living together in a certain period of time inorder to progress our humanity. Earlier there was a time family system in which nucleus was the father and mother had nothing to do with financial or other relevant issues confronting family. But now with change in times, equations across the chess board have changed . So why not give it a try.


Yes mothers can work. It is a very great ideal for them to support fathers and help them increase the family's economic status. I feel mothers are capable of coping up with household chores even while working. Most mothers work in 9:00-5:00 shifts or other nearby ones by which their approach to us is not hurt. It is a good way of exposing themselves to the society than to be couch potatoes.


I feel nothing equals the nurturing given by a mother. But fathers are fun too. They are often spontaneous and ready for sports and outdoor activities and have more strength and energy . so trying to include them in all possible ways is a way to reduce burden of the mother. The best option is part time jobs but they are not available to every one. So coax, sweet talk or just boss your husband to take over half the share from you. Don't allow them to vegetate in front of tv or with newspaaper when you are tryin to make the child do homework or eat etc.... keep tryin.g. Let them also do their rightful share.


Children think they don't get time from their mothers. But that's not true.Working mothers do spend time with their children and take very good care of them.


It's according to their interest.


Ya, they should work bacause it is very boring for them to sit at home and do all the work. By working she is active and has a good friend circle.


This is not a right question because mothers are always working since our forefathers' age (i.e, in fields).Then most of the kids were left under nature's care. Anyway, it is different situation now. I think mothers should give their best company to their kids at-least till the age of five.


All mothers are working at home making the household run smoothly. Yes the question does arise when she leaves the house for work, if the kids are still young she can start her own business from home, or if she is a professional she can take up a part time job, then if she is blessed with in-laws or her parents to care the kids she should take up a full time job, the choice is hers and in all the above circumstances the children should and must get undivided attention either from grantparents or from care givers. Good luck working moms!!


This question itself is irrelevant.Why shouldnt a mother work? She is also an individual who has all rights to choose how her life should be. Ofcourse kids need the care of their mothers and am sure that even a working mother can give the same affection and love that a non working mother can give. There lies the success of a woman.So let them take their own decision-to work or not to work.


Working has become a necessity for mothers in these modern times. But there should be a balance between home and office.


I feel mothers should start working after the child turns 6. Then all mothers should be allowed to work to keep them engaged. Specially if a mother has got a big degree like a doctor, engineer,etc; they should work because they spend their important years of life in studying and therefore should be given a chance to practice.


Yes mothers should work but they should also give the care and love to their children which they deserve.


Yes they should be given to work. They have a life of their own and if they feel like working then they should not be stopped. I feel there should not be any hard and fast rule whether to let them to work or not.


Yeah.....In this modern world it is better for mothers to work and help their husbands to save something up for future. Our expenses are increasing day by day. For better education money is a must. So according to me mothers should work if they are willing to do it.


Yes, mothers can work according to their wish because if men can work women should not lag behind. They also have a right to stand on their feet and do something for the nation.


I don't think mothers should work. Imagine no evening walks or talks?


I think that the manner in which people think in this day and age in india is incredibly primitive. A woman has the same rights as her husband and should at least be given the choice to work and support her family. And if she finds that she faces more obstacles than she is willing to handle what worst could happen? She can leave work and return to her original life style. Wake up, Indian women are capable, intelligent human beings, after all aren't women renowned for their multi-tasking abilities?


Hi! Well this is a nice topic. I prefer that mothers should work, for life these days is very expensive and our culture should allow jobs equally to men and women both. Moms should work part time because they have kids to take care of too. Having some responsiblity outside the family life is also good for nurturing mind. It keeps a person busy and occupied. I am not saying that a mother should not stay with kids but doing some part time work would be beneficial for them. Working dads and moms should keep a balanced time for jobs so they can spend time with their kids. It would give children benefit to take some household responsiblities. In the end I would like to say whether a mother works or not a mother is still a mother, sweet, loving, caring she will be always be there for you when you need her.


Why so much ego and pride. Why does everyone say that just because it happens in other countries it is right? Do you know of the crime in the west? Have you ever been outside of India? Kids without motherly love are doomed. Come to my city in USA and I'll show you the effects of a society lacking motherly love. Mothers will raise healthier kids if they spend more time with them. Do you want healthy kids or money? Mothers shouild work if it is neccessary. If it means dropping kids at daycare it is not worth it. People become so greedy they think that if someone doesn't earn money they dont contribute to society. This thinking is wrong. Mothers conribute more to this world by loving their children and teaching them than any amount of money ever will. LOVE IS GREATER THAN MONEY! WAKE UP PEOPLE!


Children think they don't get time from their mother. But that's true. Most of the kids are left under day care.


In my opinion it depends on the situation where the mother is in. If money is at shortage, some may not have a choice but to work. Even in such cases, chose a job that you like, otherwise it will be more trouble than happiness. If she can put the child in safe hands then she can work for a while everyday - but it is best to avoid heavily career oriented type of work at least in the initial years of the child(read first five years).


I think, it should be their choice. They work for us. So we should take care of her and help her if she is tired.Its better if the work is distributed among the family members so that everyone feels good.


In my opnion , if fathers can work then even mothers have full right!! And as far as children are concerned, this is the right time when children learn to be independent and learn to take responsibilites. Just imagine in India all children are educated, even our mothers are educated and their parents to have made efforts to send them to schools, so do you think these efforts should go waste!!. Not only for money as such but mothers should work to express their feelings and achieve their rights. Not only that, even the goverment of India says that all woman (mothers) have equal right to work. And so I will conclude that all mothers should work.


That is their wish, it is their life. But I would ask each and every mother in the world to make sure that they know their children's wish and mind and be the mother of their choice if they work or not.


A women is the person who is given enormous amount of duties in a country like india. She plays real roles like a wife, mother,employee and if I can say as a salary less servant. If even one role of her is not done properly then the entire tree(family) falls down. I ask a question, have any one of us(elders at home) say mother or women to do any of her roles? NO. But still she does as she wants or knows her importance. So who are we or any one at the other end to even question her wish to work. She can definetly manage her family tree with or without working. What she needs is only the support from each and every member of her family.If father is the head of the family(Lok sabha) then mother is the constitution.


Well said Jassi. People, let's not forget a basic reality here. Women need to leave their ego aside when it comes to family. Nobody's doubting the capabilities of women here. But sometimes we need to learn things from nature. The little ones of birds, animals are always taken care by the mother. Just imagine if both the mother and father leave their little ones alone and go hunting for food !! Indian women these days have become more career oriented because of the opportunities that IT is giving and the result is that they miss out on the most beautiful things that life has to offer. Finally I would just say one thing. Try to find the definition of a mother and her duty and you'll get the answer.


It's their choice.


Hi, in my idea if necessary mothers should work. Just finishing household activities and full day simply wasting time in front of the tv, is not worth for a good family.


Today every woman wants to be independent. No woman wants to depend on any one else for satisying her needs and desires. So if a mother wants to earn her own bread then why not? By this, men will also come to know that they are only not suffering for the family. Nowadays men think that they are doing so much for the family and also under estimate women that they are only meant for taking care of the family. But hands are not only for applying mehendi. Every woman should go to work and evolve a new revoultion of women who work. The well known actress Smriti Z Irani (of kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi.... fame) is known for multi tasking. She is a working woman but at the same time she gives quality time to her family which is really great. But going to work doesn't mean that women should forget their family. A woman should play both the roles of a successful working woman and also that of a wife, a daughter in law and also of a mother intelligently.


Yes I agree that mothers should work but only part time as if they keep on working they cannot spend time with their children. We should also try to help our mothers in whatever way possible as mothers are after all humans and cannot work continously. We should also not pile up things and keep our things in place so that our mother will not have to tidy up much.


According to me mothers have the right to do whatever they can. Husbands usually dont like when the women earns more than him as the women has more capability of doing so. If this act of hers hurts the feelings of the husband then she should certainly not do it but if it hurts his ego she should explain in some cases even the parents-in-law feel awkward but that shouldn't make a difference to them as she is working for the welfare of her family. At times even the mothers get bored of doing household work they need a break so they just use their education. Their education should not go waste as they have worked hard for it.


Yes mothers should work because it is not necessary that mothers should sit at home and do all the household work. If mother is not at home chilren learn to be independent and do their studies by own. So I say that all the mothers of the world should work.


In my point of view, mom should not go to work. If she works, she can't take care of her child & husband.


Friends there are 2 types of working mother, one who works for her career and another who works for money if the financial condition of family is not well then she needs to look out.


I think mothers should be able to work. Some people think mothers are weak and shouldn't work. In fact most men get the impression that females are weaker than them but they can be much, much stronger. I once got beaten at an arm-wrestle by a girl just my age! After all mothers too can get very bored of what they do and when mothers leave the house and children come home to find nobody in the house, they can get more independent over time.


Yup!!!! I feel mother's can work but at the same time it is not we who are going to work so it is up to the moms to decide whether they should work or not. It depends from one mother to another. It is not a rule that the mothers should sit at home all day. It would be boring!!!!!!!! So my opinion is, it is upto them because they would work not us but surely it would affect our daily routine for the children whose parents are not working.


Yes I think mothers should work. Especially with increasing awareness about equal rights for both men and women this question shouldn't be debatable.


Of course mothers should work. Especially in today's world it is nesessary for women to do jobs as the salary of one person might not be enough. But they should also look after their children. Try to manage both responsibilities in a better way.


According to me,mothers can work after the children have attained the age of managing themselves efficiently. By this time the children would have learnt the moral values and their responsibilities. Being a house wife doesnot mean that she effectively raises the children,hence more than the quantity ,quality time should be spent for the family by the father and the mother.


Yes it should be a "women"'s choice whether they wnat to work but what we all are forgeting is that being a mother is a job so why do all these women all of a sudden feel a need to get another one you've commited to your children so don't turn your back.


i don't think it matters if a woman works or not it depends how much time she spends with her children. I have a friend who stays home and she is on the phone all day ,with her kids running around out of control and another friend who works full time and cherishes her kids the moment she walks in the door till they go to bed, my other friend just cares about her girlfriends and hanging out. So it really depends what you do all day my friend says she gets bored with them too fast.


I think mothers should work because they have a freedom to do what they want and what about the parents of mothers. They give her education to become something in the future. So I think they should work.


I think mothers should work because they have a freedom to do what they want and what about the parents of mothers. They give her education to become something in the future. So I think they should work.Yes it should be a "women"'s choice whether they want to work but what we all are forgetting is that being a mother is a job so why do all these women all of a sudden feel a need to get another one you've commited to your children so don't turn your back.


In the present generation this topic seems to be quite an outdated one. Should mothers work? can'nt be a debatable issue.


I feel that mothers should work. I dont feel that they neglect childeren due to work. If they make things properly then they can manage everything properly. So its entirely her choice and her planning to do things.


It is their wish. We should not decide about it. I have read many have typed that they can work and they should not work. It is not right to decide that. And the final word I say is that it is their wish. thankyou.


Mothers should work, they should definitely work as at some times, eg .At the time of death of her husband she will not be a burden on her parents and can be economically strong and fulfill the demands of her child.


I think mothers should work according the child's time table. If she manages it' s ok.


Mothers can work on their Choice if they like unless they spend time with their children.Thank you.






yes they must be working and should have an equal status in the society


Yes, mother's can work, provided they can also take care of their children. A supportive husband and family can allow women to work even after birth of child.


I think mothers should work because if she is working she can give financial support to her family.

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