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Compulsory Tuitions
Do Children Need to go for Tuitions Compulsorily?
Started on  1-Aug-2003  By  sowmya   E-mail :

I don't think that tuitions are compulsory. If the child can pay attention in school then there is nothing beyond his understanding. According to me tuitions are a waste of time and money when the child could be improving his skills on other things. Sure, the children are not studying at home, but sending them for compulsory tuition is not the solution. The need of the hour is to identify the child's field of interest and encourage him/her to pursue that. Then in a few years time he/she will be able to teach many others THAT subject in a very good way. So tuitions are not even necessary then where is the question of compulsion coming into the picture?


I don't think that tuition is very important. As I am not going for tuition I want to ask those who are going for tuition that why should we go for tuition? Many of them who are going for tuition say they have some problems in their studies. But if you have any problem or could not understand properly then, why can't you go to the teacher and ask your problem? I don't think they hit you for that. I think that going for tuition is just waste of money. If I have any problem, I would go to my subject teacher and ask her till I understand.


Hi Sowmi, Sure, the children are not studying at home, but sending them for compulsory tuition is not the solution. The need of the hour is to identify the child's field of interest and encourage him/her to pursue that. Then in a few years time he/she will be able to teach many others THAT subject in a very good way. So tuitions are not even necessary then where is the question of compulsion coming into the picture?


Sowmya, the discussion which you have started is really very important and essential. I feel that students can learn at home and it is not really very compulsory to attend tutions. Some of my friends tell me that going to tutions is a real headache as they get h.w in school as well as in tutions.


What I feel is that tuitions should not be made compulsory. Tuitions are the extra burden put on the students. This is sometimes forced by the parents as they want their child to attain good marks.And another reason for this is, the ever increasing competitions. No doubt that weak students do require extra attention. But that can be solved by parents and tuitition is not the only solution. Tutors have made tuition a business rather than a help. They take the batch of atleast 25 or more students. So again the batch of these many students is not fruitful for students at all.


Well,I'm a Pakistani, Hello guys and I'm here to tell you that tutions are really a headache and you see that going to tutions makes a person really irritating. Why are there schools? Why do you go to school? That is why mama forces you to do it.I'm not criticising those who go to tuition because I myself take tution but I dont spend half of the day over there I just go for 30 min in order to have a solution for maths problems.


I would go with Unnati Narang.


Man is so selfish that he wants to grab anything that comes in hand. The same is with tutions. It is the parents that force their children into tutions even if the child is getting 90% marks the tutions are for him to get 92%. Now if the child is weak then tutions do have a meaning. This is what I strongly feel


I dont think that tutions are compulsory. Main need of the hour is to identify the child's interest field and encourage him to do that. This is only waste of money. But this trend is implemented very rapidly. I dont know why ???


Topic for discussion in this forum is tuition- compulsory or optional. This question stands like a serpent in front of every student these days. But this phenomenon has a strange history which I would like to narrate. Earlier when our parents use to study, very few children use to go to tuition. Most of the students going to tuition were weak in studies so they had to go to tuition. When someone met them, they use to hide the fact that they go to tuition. They were scared to tell this to their friends because their friends will think in different direction about them. But with changing times, this rare phenomenon, became more acceptable. These days it is common to go to tuition. It is quite ironical that in school by giving rs.600/= as tuition fees you are not studying and you are willing to shell out rs.6000/= as tuition fees to a private tutor and study. Just compare both situations. In school time spent is from 8 am to 2.30 pm. In private tuition an extra load of 2 hours is taken to achieve good marks. If at the school you are attentive and listen to teachers carefully, half the battle is won and you do not need to take extra load on your studying schedule. But this simple fact is not well understood by students as well as parents. Actually the funda behind tuition is quite crystal clear. In 2-3 hours of tuition, you are made to master the examination trend at a much faster rate as compared to school where there are 30 children being taught by just one teacher.


There is nothing wrong with tutions. Some students, even if they're intelligent, need them. I need tutions too. Why? Why not? Though forcing children into tutions is wrong.


What a whole lot of crap! Tuition is indeed beneficial. "If the child can pay attention in school then there is nothing beyond his understanding." Even if the child can pay attention in school, it all depends on the child's understanding abilities, intelligence and how fast the child can grasp what the teacher is teaching. "According to me tuition is a waste of time and money when the child could be improving his skills on other things." What can be better than improving the child's studies so that he or she can be someone who can change our lives in ways of education? In my opinion, do you even know the benefits of tuition. Tuition is NOT a WASTE of MONEY. What can be any better than investing in your academics? Would you rather invest in spending your time in the arcade?? Be reasonable, be logical, don't be so narrow minded and uncivillized. For any of you out there who think tuition is a waste of money, I suggest that you stop being pessimistic.


Tuition? waste of money?


I'm a Pakistani but my thoughts about tutions are similar to Indian children. Tution is just waste of time. Ask your mom or dad to teach you if you have any problem. Otherwise GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.


I don't think tution is a waste of money or time. It is only way by which weaker or average students can come par with brillliant students and score high marks. Hence I feel tution is necessary.


No friend I don't think tutions are needed for each and every child as one can also have the ability to perform on their own as one has the capability to study not only due to this reason tutions are needed but also when we go for tuitions we are totally depended on tuitions.


I also think tuition is waste of time. According to me, if you pay attention in class when the teacher is teaching you will understand the topic and there is need for extra class.


I think think that not only a child who is not able to understand the concepts properly should study tutions but also a child who is very intelligent can study tutions because pratice makes a man perfect and the tutors make us pratice so that we understand the concepts in a better way.


I think that tuitions are necessary.


According to me tuitions are not necessary if the child is studying properly at the school and with concentration.


Hey all guys, I think all have to analyse present education system. You know that nowadays new schools and colleges are self financed, government is not interested to give grants. So these school and college management pay salary of Rs.2500/- to PTC. Rs. 4500 to BEd or MEd... Now how can the teacher survive. So he or she after long teaching experiences and struggle get only so much. So they dont bother about teaching in school. They get money from tution.


NEVER. Tuitions are meant for better understanding by the students.Its needed only if they do not understand what they learn at school.


I agree with Shreya, there is no wrong with tuitions. Once when I was in an Arab country called Oman where people used to call me very intelligent. Arabic was not compulsory in that country. But my father got transferred to United Arab Emirates a place where Arabic is compulsory I did not know what is Arabic itself. I went for Arabic tuition, after some days I thought to my self I could be the best in Arabic, besides donít you think that there are some rich people who are illiterates, they wish to send their children to proper schools but if they have any doubt they ask their parents but how can they answer it, they have to send them for tuition.


I don't think that children should go for compulsory tuitions because when a child gets good grades its not only the child's effort it's the tuition teacher's effort also.


I dont know that tution is must or not but for certain things like music, dance, karate driving only tuition will work. To find a tutor or to give tuition classes just place your adv. on the classified sites like etc. Meena


Tuitions are not at all compulsory till 10th class. But if the teacher is only not efficient and bad at the subject then going to tuitions is necessary because certain subjects the student itself will not be able to absorb the matter without guidance or teaching. Hence according to teacher's efficiency and the way of teaching going to tuitions must be decided.


I think tutions are necessary for the better upbringing of a child.


Today almost all teachers are academically qualified with good teaching ability and, therefore I feel if students attend schools regularly and focus much attention to their educational activities, private tuition is not necessary at all for them. The majority who are not regular in attending schools go for tuition, and like to enjoy with friends but not to study. Some children go for it for their personal freedom. For example,unlike in schools, they are allowed to bring in their mobile phones.


Tutions are like black market is to the open market economy. The tutors simply take advantage of nervous children and their anxious parents. Two generations ago if a person said "I go for tutions" s/he was considered a dud -dumbo. Sadly scruplous tutors are taking advaantage of the poor education facilities in schools If the child is made to feel confident she/he can get time to play rather than attend tutions.

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