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Why Indians do not come forward to study sanskrit?
We all agree that Sanskrit is a divine language. We praise it a lot. But we can see only a few come forward to study this language. And that too only upto their tenth or twelth class just for scoring a good percentage. Is it fair? Lets have your views in this regard. Thanking you, Dr.Kalyanarman, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Madurai
Started on  19-Jul-2007  By  Dr.Kalyanaraman   E-mail :

Well, its quite true what you have just said but in my point of view, I think that these days, as we all know new technology and modern things are in trend, and with all this around it is obvious that new streams and opportunities in the stream of education will come up, thus the students tend to think that such subjects are what they call- 'outdated' and so naturally they start forgetting these subjects, even though they are the most praised and well recongnized subjects! But somtimes it is also may be because if a student takes sanskrit for further studies, and does quite well in them, but the point is that what career options does he or she have? Because these days nobody seems to give these languages any importance, and so Indian stuents do not take this subject for further studies.


I totally agree that sanskrit has lost its importance nowadays because today people think that it is an outdated language. Moreover in this competitive era, english has gained a lot of importance. Wherever you go, english is needed. You may be very good in sanskrit but you cannot chat in sanskrit. No one will understand you and also time has gained a lot of importance today. No one has extra time to do something which is of no use in practical life. It's true that students opt sanskrit only to gain good marks in 10th and 12th but not after that because they dont have time for sanskrit after their 12th.


I totally agree that Sanskrit is a divine language and it is the mother of all languages and all languages were derived from it. I even agree that sanskrit should be learnt for the beauty of the language. But in today's world where does one use sanksrit. We as students learn languages like English as these languages are the ones which make the world go around. Nobody will ask you whether you have learnt Sankskrit or any other language. Things should be dealt practically in today's world as what you learn is only because you gain something from it be it marks or money. Hence many students choose sanskrit as it is a very scoring subject. Since you have started the topic tell me whether you yourself learn Sanksrit and look at it as a very "Value enriching" subject? Practically thinking is the need of the hour.


I am a std IX student and I have opted sanskrit since I have a lot of interest in the subject but I am sure I'll not continue it after my 10 th. Reason? It is my inability to converse in the subjest and that is the most important factor as far as I feel. A lot of emphasis is give on english and hindi from std 1 itself but sanskrit makes its inception fairly around 5th or 6th std. The mass media has all kinds of languages buzzing in it but sanskrit has no place and hence it is still a language of intellectuals. If an exclusive sanskrit channel is initiated and spoken sanskrit starts from class 1 in schools, sanskrit will not be called a "dead" language. Hope that fine day is not too far but till then lets hope for the best.


I do agree with you. Now I am in 9th and I am also a student of sanskrit. I have taken it because it is a scoring subject. I don't think that there might be even 10 percent of the students in India who would be taking sanskrit as a subject of learning the language with interest. We all live in this world with some or the other purpose its after all the human tendency to do such things. We never try to learn it so there's no chance of chating in that language. But I would really like to tell you information about nagpur, where I live just near my home. There lives a family whose mother tongue is sanskrit. So I don't think that its so much outdated as we think it is. So with a good hope of ray let's try for the best and hope for the better.


Sanskrit is a very divine as well as a very ancient language. It is also the origin and root of various languages and words as well. It is quite sad to learn that many foreigners are gaining interest in learning sanskrit but indian natives are losing interest simultaneously. Sanskrit is taught in Indian schools but students consider it as yet another subject which they have to learn inorder to pass the standard.


Well everyone agrees that sanskrit is our heritage to us. It brings with it a treasure chest of knowledge- the puranas, vedas and the gita. Than isn't it logical that we impart this knowledge that our forefathers have bestowed upon us to our children? Isn't it worth teaching our future generations the pride of this wonderful 'mother of language'. Taking into consideration for the economic progress and globalization, we need to learn to communicate in English, but that does not entail us to forget our ancestral languages. Yes the present school goers need to learn two languages till their 9th grade. Why not make sanskrit a compulsory subject? It may not be feasible to teach everyone and test everyone on their sanskrit subject but it is very applaudable if schools can make a basic effort to teach basic, elementary sanskrit to every student. I myself studied sankrit and was about to write my sanskrit boards. I don't ever regret learning sanskrit. Indeed I feel honoured to know the language of knowledge and wisdom. It only strengthens my identity as a Indian. It makes me aware of my roots and feel connected wherever I am. It truly enables me to feel proud of my "rich and varied heritage". I hope we can foster this sense of belonging and pride in the school children, for they are the future of our country, by teaching them sanskrit at an early age. Lets preserve our tradition and culture and pass them onto our future generations. A huge thanks to Bhavans for encouraging pupils to take sanskrit in school and higher levels.


Yes, I agree with the fact that sanskrit is a language of deities, but now a days sanskrit is being considered as a boring subject that has no importance in day to day life. Right now I am planning to take sanskrit as a subject for my PG. degree. but some seniors tell me what can you do after completing PG. in sanskrit language, because its the age of materialistic gains. Everybody is engaged in his business, everybody wants to earn much more money that can not be got with the help of sanskrit. So it is of no use now a days. If we plan to raise the status of sanskrit in the eyes of the modern people then we would have to change our education system. Across India there should be same system of education, same syllabus and everything same. Since 1947 every best govt jobs are given for english medium students and hindi medium or sanskrit medium have no respect nor importance in the views of recruiters. We have not our own choice to choose subject as the further requirements dont let us to take such subjects which are of no use. If we seek the best jobs whether in pvt.sector or govt. sector as a student of sanskrit we can't get a good job. Very soon a day will come when we would have to take turn towards sanskrit and vedas.


I might be an odd man out here. As a s/w professional, I am suppose to dedicate 24 hrs to IT job and learning. But my passion to learn Sanskrit grew with time. Fortunately with help of Spiritual Guru and Vedic trained Sanskrit teacher group of professional of various fields could enroll in to master degree in Sanskrit. Others find us funny/crazy for our decision if we tell we want to read grt/holy sanskrit books, converse in Sanskrit and implement best in our life. (ie., not for material gain but for leading better quality of life). They say you can always read such books in translated English/any Indian language. My humble request to Dr. Kalyanaraman or any respected ones to provide strong reason to learn Sanskrit. This will help not only ppl like me but to the younger generation who are our future India to continue Sanskrit study along with their career pursuit.


Sanskrit is our ancient lanuage. Its divine language. Sankrit bhasha is prishkrit bhasha it is dev Bhasha so its lipi is devnagri. If we teach it in an easy way its very intresting language just like hindi word Ram, ashva, vanar. If we put visarg these words convert into sanskrit . If we remove visarg these words will be converted back to hindi. In hindi and English there are two purush (persons) But in sankrit three purush(Person) Some ppl say that sanskrit is boring but scoring. If a student is regular in class and listen carefully what teacher is teaching in the class and read at home so he can understand all very easily. Sanksrit is based on halant and visrg. roots and shabd roop.


It is very true that Sanskrit is a divine language but because of increasing demand of English, students do not want to learn it. Lack of good teachers in sanskrit who are not able to create interest in this subjects & also no option to build a career in this field is some of the reasons why sanskrit (mother language) is lacking behind. Government must do something in this field. There must be good career option then only students will start taking interest in this subject.

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