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Are shopping malls really a shoppers paradise?
It is often said that malls are an ultimate shopping destination. But is it true that it is taking away all the livelihood of the common shop vendors and wasting a lot of space? I would like to know your views on this topic.
Started on  3-Jul-2007  By  SHREYA RAO   E-mail :

Yes I think its true that shopping malls take away the livelihood of small shop vendors but a shopping mall is actually the ultimate shopping destination because you get everything under one roof which saves the hustle and bustle of going to different places for different things. It also provides parking spaces for cars which is a real relief for most of us. And a shopping mall has it all from branded clothes to fresh vegetables. So I think that its better to have shopping malls than various small shops.


Yes nowadays shopping malls are shopper's paradise bcause we can get everything at malls.


I think so it's injustice with poor people who have no money. Shopping malls give branded clothes but some people do not have money to buy branded clothes. They just want clothes not and branded clothes. If goverment wants to open malls then they should provide less rent rooms for vendors.


I dont think that shopping malls wastes a lot of space. Infact it provides everything under the same roof which is very much convenient for all of us. Anyone can go there and buy each and everything needed and it is also not true that shopping malls only provides branded things, they have stock with reasonable rates which can be purchased by a middle income person also. Moreover,its not so that it is taking away the livelihood of common shop vendors because there are still a lot of public who go to these common shops for shopping and to shopping malls for just roaming and to have fun, not for shopping.


No this view is totally wrong because if u think in another way then you see the facility to the people. Malls are just increasing the culture of shopping under one roof and consumers get benefit of it. At malls there is lot of competition between shopkeepers. In such a conditon customers will surely get benefit.


I am a student of Architecture, interested in shopping mall and so these bits of info are very helpful to me. Can I get some more general or architectural based info on shopping malls?


Shopping malls are very nice for everyone. Under one roof there are so many shops which sell good items at reasonable rates. These items are branded or unbranded and range from Rs.5000 to Rs.5. We get almost every item that is needed. We don't have to waste time and energy to move here and there. Also there are no vehicles or hawkers to disturb inside. We can buy things, play games, have food, etc inside an airconditioned place. How nice! It is very wrong to say that they take away the livelihood of common shop vendors because we not only buy things from a mall but from shops also. They also don't take much space.


It is interesting to note the views about shopping mall. I am very happy to note that at this age you have written a beautiful article. Keep it up.


In my opinion, indeed shopping malls are really a shoppers paradise. We can get almost everything from fruits to perfumes under one roof. It is a convenient and air conditioned place for shopping. Mostly, places such as the mall there are negligible chances of cheating. People employed are trained, literate and efficient. On the other side, in markets the difficulties faced are getting cheated on the basis of qualitiy and price. Another aspect of small shops is bargaining. As we all know parking problems, malls provide the ultimate solution of providing a parking arena. Therefore, undoubtedly shopping malls are by some means better than small shops in open markets.


Yes you can say shopping malls are really a shopper's paradise but you also can say its also a big issue of our country. One who has no money to buy any shop how can he afford that shopping malls rents. If goverment wants to eradicate the hawkers, then they should give him a good space within lower prices. Because it will be injustice with poor people.


This is exactly how consumers in North America and many other parts of the world have been hooked into a buying craze. Has anyone realized the actual purpose of a shopping center? It is to get customers and to keep them there for as long as possible, so that they are enticed by the blatant advertising and buying appeal that such a place holds. With shopping malls, the idea is to have the consumer buy buy and buy. What happens to the normal brick-and-mortar shop that was there before? They get kicked out, and they probably will not sell their goods in a shopping center, because the rent and lease prices are too high! However, shopping malls are also a great service to people, because of the climate control (A/C, heating if you are in a cold place like me) and the ability to find everything under one roof. -Rakesh from Canada


Shopping malls are really nice and all but i want to know ..if we were just sent to buy a few carrots or something.. we need not go ll the way to a shopping mall.. all we need is a small vegetable shop...and on top of that..if it was compulsory to get the carrots from the shopping mall and the vegetable section was at the other end of the mall and also on the top floor (i know thats not possible..but still)would'nt we just have to go up all the way there just for a mere bag of carrots???? i think we should have vendors but have shopping malls that sell only clothes.

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