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the role of media in our society
I agree to all because we are living and moving in a circle of science. We can sit at home and keep an eye on the whole globe which is possible only due to media.
Started on  23-Aug-2009  By  safeer   E-mail :

Hi. Your article related to media is nice.


Surely in today's world media has become a strong medium for communication. If it behaves responsibly it can work as mentor or else it can be a biggest threat to the world.


Media has become an indispensible part of our society. I have a debate on the role of Indian media. Plz send me some points on my id urgently. Thank you.


Yes I agree that media is playing an important role in our society.


hi this topic is very nice. Media is the powerful weapon used to exprees freedom.


hi!! these articles related to media helped me a lot during my project work......!!!


Media simply is the weapon that connects the world as a globe. I entered here just for getting help in my presentation and I actually got all the stuff I needed.


I agree that media has great importance in our society.


Yes I agree because media is really educating, persuasive,as well as informative. I mean am up to date because of the media.


Media is the new development of our modern civilization.


Media plays very importent role in our life. Electronic medea is a powerful media at present.


I too strongly believe that media plays a crucial role in our society.


Yes, media is a rapid way to interact with the people but it should be responsible.


Yes I agree. Media plays a vital role in society. It is useful to the public for education purpose, health, entertainment, news, etc.


Yes media has a definite role to play in our society. Though media is not the only communication medium used to dispense the flow of information, its importance in developed countries is worth mentioning as it has been the main source to inform people on political issues or current affairs as well as being as the main source of entertainment.


Freedom given to media should not be misused.


I would like to thank you for putting up such amazing points. Yes, I do agree that media plays a very important role in our lives as well as in the society. It has become an indespensable part of our lives.


Well I thnk discussion about this topic always has lopsided views. I truly agree with all my friends who have given their views. But one thing I want to say that in above topics many of my friends are able to point out only one side of the coin. If we are able to mark some positive points then its our duty to be aware of negative points also. As a mass.comm student I truly from the hub of my heart respect media. Nodoubt ,now a days media has became a fourth pillar of Democracy but my friends we can't swallow these words as a panactia of media reputation. If we really think this then I think we are sculting out the real issue. Nodoubt we have positive points also but media system needs more radical approach.


No doubt that media today is an indispensable part of our life. But media is more negative than positive in approach. There should be more constructive news so that people can be encouraged to do more good than bad.


I think media is very essential for us because it keeps us up to date.


What is sanchar kranti?


Media has a role to play in the society. It gives a variety of information. We depend on the news the media gives us. We can know about everything which is happening in the world through media. Through the internet we can find information on each and every thing. Media gives us a chance to express our opinions like this discussion forum in wich we express our views. I agree as most people do- media does play an important role in our lives!


I think media is a medium which lies between the democracy and the general people and also it gives more important news.


The media plays a very significant role in our society today.


I feel that media has a good role to played.

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