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Should Cold drinks be banned?
I feel yes because it contains many harmful things.
Started on  19-Jan-2005  By  Pooja Shriyan   E-mail :

Actually I don't understand. Are you talking about the soda drinks or just the fruit juices, drinks that we keep in the refrigerator and then drink.


Cold drinks should be banned as it contains many harmful preservatives. I request every one to stop drinking cold drinks.


According to my point of view many of them sell the expired cool drinks and that also contains tiny bacteria etc. so why we going to drink that. so it must be banned..


I think cooldrinks should be banned but drinks which are allowed are to be tested perfectly and should be supplied to the market.


Preethi you are just thinking about the fruit juices and soda. But according to me it must be banned, particularly whisky and brandy because it is more dangerous than cocacola and pepsi.


No because when itz hot we need something cold.


No. I dont think it is harmful to drink cold drink in school. It contains calories which is good for health.


Soft drinks i.e the ones which are carbonated and contains artificial flavorings and colors should be avoided. Real fruit juices can be consumed.


Yes...all soft drinks should be banned. It has been proved that there are many harmful chemicals and even pesticides in many of the drinks which are sold in the shops. I recently read in the newspaper that insects were found in a bottle of a soft drink.


I think duplicate soft drinks should be banned except the renowned companies like coca cola, pepsi, mirinda, etc. because we cannot blame the uplifting new companies of soft drinks.

PRADEEP contains pesticides and more percentage of carbon dioxide,creates throat problems once you have more frequently.


Yes they should be banned. All the ones with fizz causes diseases and it is said and clinically tested and proved that if you keep a human teeth in it for some days it will dissolve completely. That shows the harmfullness of fizzy cold drinks.


Yes I also agree Preeti.


Yes, really the Cold drinks must be banned immediately not only in Education Institutions but also from entire country. In our old era the guests were honoured & entertained with so many drinks like "Chhach", "Thandai", Juices etc. Such type of soft drinks must be in tradition. Such drinks are not at all harmful for the human body.


Yes,I totally agree,because it contains many harmful pesticides, as well as low quality essences and not purified water, so I think we should ban it or it should be certified very clearly about all the interdigents mixed in it.


yes, I think that cold drinks should be banned because it spoils our teeth.


Yes I agree with you Pooja. Cold drinks should be banned as it contain harmful things. It is an unhealthy drink.


If you are talking about the aerated drinks then even I agree with you to ban cold drinks.


Surely, beacuse it has acids which are harmful to our body.


I think cold drinks should be banned because bones get weak and our brain starts getting damaged slowly.


No I don't think that cold drinks should be banned . Many news channels gave this news that cold drinks consist of harmful chemicals & cockroaches. This news is also given that cockroches were found in mineral water. So should mineral water also be banned? Then why should only cold drinks be banned.


Definitely ! I would say they are poisonous. They do not contain many harmful things but only all harmful things. They are certainly bad for health. The thing which Maharashtra did was extremely good! THE other states should also follow it.


In limits there is no harm having even soda drinks. But the children should be made aware that these drinks in excess have long term bad effects on health like leading to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.


Cool drinks in general we are using to refer to the drinks with co2 effervesce. The carbon dioxide 1. It hurts our digestion system 2. Spoils our teeth. 3.weakens our bones sold at Rs.33.00 per litre 5.equivalent of Rs.33.00 you get best seasonal fruits. Two litres of milk rich in many minerals protiens. Just for the sake of enjoyment and fizz we are risking our future life. The negative effect of cool drinks will be known at the adult age with so many unwanted health problems. For that fruits should also be eaten raw instead of making juice out of them. Well my final opinion is these cool drinks should be banned for ever. It is a loss to the country's economy.


Cold drinks shouldn't be banned. But it must be seen and tested in laboratories that they don't contain harmful things.If people are conscious and drink carefully then everybody can drink cold drinks. So, I think cold drinks shouldn't be banned.


Yes, of course. Since, it contains lots of acids, its harmful for our health.


Yes Cold drinks should be banned in school because it contains harmful chemicals that are not suitable for the kids health. These should be replaced with natural things. Parents are more responible for it. Various soft drink manufacturers & bottled drinking water manufacturers draw their raw material- water from the tube wells . Nowadays due to excessive usage of chemical fertilizers , pesticide , insecticides , the ground water table is polluted by these chemicals. These are very harmful for human beings. In some areas even the ground water is poisoned by arsenic & flouride. In addition the soft drink manufacturers use chemical flavours, food additives & preservatives.


Yes! Cool drinks must be banned. It has nothing in it. It has plenty of bad effects than good. Lots of celebrities who know that these cause ill effects, continue to encourage young generation to drink these drinks. There are lots of good nutritious drinks like buttermilk, tendercoconuts, lemon juice, etc... which are not costly but are very good for health. But cool drinks are costly but not good for health.


If the cold drinks are harmful and have an adverse effect on the consumers,they should definitely be banned. Advwertisements that advertise these cold-drinks often cheat the consumers,they also have many celebrities as their brand ambassadors. So to protect consumers from harmful diseases I think some cold-drinks should be banned.


Not at all.


yes. Cold drinks should be banned.


No,cold drinks should not be banned.


Yes, because they contain many harmful chemicals that are used to preserve. These chemicals are so strong that they harm the body slowly but effectively.


Yes because its very harmful.


Yes,I do agreethat soft drinks should be banned beause they contain harmful preservatives. I humbly request film actors to think twice before acting in soft drinks ads as youth admire the film actors they even take the film actors as there role models.




Powdered caffeine which is added to all soda like pepsi and coke is very dangerous. It prevents your body from absorbing nutrients from food and can cause serious health problems. And thats only one of the chemical additives.It should be banned and its producers should be put in jail for paying to have the truth kept secret.


According to me cold drinks should be banned as they contain acids that cause strange feeling in the nose. They also do us no good,as juices do give us Vitamin A.


Yes they should be banned because they do no good to our body as juices give us vitamin-A which is good for our body.It also has a lot of caffeine in it.As children are the future of India so providing cold drinks to them are hell. It also prevents our body to digest nutrients. My mother savita is also trying very hard to keep cold drinks away from me. I love my mother very much. She is my goddess.


YES. They should be banned because they are very harmful to us.It has been proved that they are efficient than pesticides in killing pests. In fact, there are many natural drinks like tender coconut for refreshment.


Yes, cold drinks should be banned. Govt. has to take action on cola companies & they should be banned.


Yes! There is not a single reason favouring Coca Cola. It is harmful to the body. It is a big wastage of money. Moreover the countries which say that we are backward are getting money from our country. We are just at a loss .If we make juices in that type of bottle ,our economy can improve a lot. I request all people to boycott this "KILL DRINK"


Cold drinks should be bannned immediately.


Cold drinks should be banned across world ,as it's not only harmful to health but also it's harmful to liver. I recently went to the place where they prepare cold drinks along with my college team to know the exact problem. I had bad experience there. I had never seen like that in my life before. Do you know they do not even wash bottles ,they just fill up the bottle with liuqor as they found. From that day I decided not to drink cold drinks. I am sure that if you see that once you will also change your mind as HEALTH IS WEALTH.


I agree with Preeti.


Cold drinks should be banned as they are a house to dangerous insecticides which eventually lead to diseases.


No. It should not be banned but it should be tested in lab & then come to us.


I agree with those person who favour that cold drink should be banned. Definitely it should be banned because it contain many harmful things like pesticide which affect people's health. After three years once again CSE found that these cold drink Contain 51% pesticide. We can think that how it affect the people's life. I want to say that not only ban these companies but their advertisement also because it is the basic root cause of the marketing of these soft drinks.


No, I don't think that cool drinks should be banned, because people are well aware of good and bad and alcohol which is more harmful than cool drinks should be banned before coold rinks.


Government is not in a position to provide pure water to drink which is more harmful than cool drinks. So, shud the water be banned?


Yes. I agree that softdrinks like Cola, pepsi should be banned. Don't you know that these companies have imposed tax on INDIA and they are getting benefited by selling it across world??? Also they are injurious to health. Please be proactive and prevent this.


Cold Drinks Should be banned.


No. Cold drinks should not be banned.


I think that soft drinks should be banned because it is harmful to living humans .


Yes, Colas must be banned because it contains many harmful pesticides which affect our health. In market ,there are many soft drinks i.e juices which is safe for people to drink.


Yes. Softdrinks should be baned from school because it affects the children's health. Pesticides added in this leads to many problems.


We can't really blame the cool drinks manufacturers because they are drawing water from the land that is provided to them by the govt and they say the water they draw really contains the harmful chemicals. They have stated this with proof. So the govt is indirectly involved in this issue. Now it is the responsibility of the govt is to rectify their fault and then turn back to this issue.


Hey people I dont think any drink is harmful because I have been drinking Pepsi & coke for the last 10 yrs & it has not affected me. So I dont think it should be banned as "Yeh Dil Maange More & More". So chill out people & start drinking cold drinks as they are safe.


No cold drinks should not be banned because many people are doing jobs in these multinational companies. They will be unemployed. There is a big hand of that companies in in improving the the economical condition of our country. First we should strictly suggest that they should not use pesticides but if they still continue then govt. has to force to show that they may be injurious to health in their advertisement.


Well! guys I do think that ban on cold drinks is just a matter of the level of organisation under consideration.


I agree with all of them here about their views. All are correct.


Yes,I think so cold drinks should be banned as it contains many pesticides that can harm humans. Some also give expired cold drinks which contains bacteria.


Yes because our body is just like a molten iron and it gets a shape in the way we mould it. If we use cold drinks regularly it becomes a habit to our body and after few years we cannot digest our food without cold drinks. Also scientists have proved that colour pigments used in cold drinks affect our body harmfully.


No it should not be banned because Why it is not happening in foreign countries only in India. More over it has only found in tests ,but till now it has not affected any one yet. It is only because of the shopkeepers selling the drinks which have already expired. Therefore in my opinion it should not be banned.


Yes, cold drinks should be banned. Friends,I am deekshita studying in Johnson Grammar ssc are free to send mails to e mail id is and


I seriously think that cold drinks have to be banned. They pose a danger for both human beings and nature. People in rural areas have nowadays substituted drinking water by pepsi as they find it more feasible. Even many people are giving their cattle pepsi for drinking. This is going on because people lack education. Education is the root cause for all problems. If education is made compulsory people will come to the know of the after effects of drinking Pepsi and other aerated drinks. Drinking pepsi will even bring more pimples to teenagers. Believe it or not! I had a cousin who was addicted to Pepsi he had lot of pimples. After many years he left Pepsi and his face became ok. I recently got a forward from my friends describing the method of preparing pepsi and it was so sick! So please all you people out there stop drinking such polluted stuff and replace them by fresh fruit juices, coffee, tea or milk.


Cold drinks should not be banned because, as it contains microbial preservatives which are added in controlled concentrations. If they are in higher concentrations it is a problem so ,they should be in limited amounts.


According to my point of view, as coke and pepsi are foreign products, they need not be banned. Even the high court squashed the case on Kerala government banning coke and pepsi saying that the state govt has no right in deciding this.




Yes according to me the drinks which are harmful for human health should be banned.


Cold drinks should not be banned because the people who really enjoy to drink coldrink cannot have the fun of drinking it after it is banned. I think some of the coldrink company which are advertising that they have no harmful effects and doesnot contain pesticides. The people who want to ban this they can go to the Coca cola factory and research about that.If you guys want my opinion then do as you like and dont be listen to the people who want to ban this.


It is very bad to health.




No it should not be banned.


I strongly agree that all these products should be banned because all these are found to be harmful to the citizens health in India. So its not the citizens mistake its purely the government or the administrative problem because already it is found that the percentage of pesticides in these drinks are high. So can't the governmemt ban all these. If they can. Atleast print on the bottle what are all things availble in the drinks its like other countries. or like on cigarete packets print on bottle that it is very harmful to health. Finally it is the government's responsibilty to ban all these. Because it is relating to public health.


I also feel that colddrink is harmful for health. Not only I but also others knows that it is harmful for health but they drink with joy.


I strongly favour the banning of all the soft drinks.As these have no nutritive contents but are like slow poison.


Yes! But it would effect on our economy. Those famous brands (Coca-cola, Pepsi etc.) should make some substitutes like fruit juice. Juices would be good for people and profitable for them.


I think so it should be banned everywere. It is not at all safe for us. So,you should drink only fresh juices.


It is better to ban them if possible. What I think is, the educated people like you and me must realise about the harmful effects of cool drinks. We have so many substitutes to cooldrinks which keep our body healthy. How can government alone do if you and me don't realise. It's our responsibility to keep our health fit. What govt. must do is to make peoele know about compositions and harmful effects.


Hello, I am virali Student of 8th Std. in Ahmedabad, gujarat. I have to make project on "Cold drink is harmful to health" I need some more information about the subject. Please send me the detail if possible. You can send the detail on above email id i.e.


I think that cold drinks should be banned as it spoils our teeth. Also its very harmful to our body. I request everyone to stop drinking cold drinks because it is not good for our health.


It is harmful for our health.


I have to make project on "Bad effects of Cold drinks" I need some more information about the subject. Please send me the detail if possible. To my e-mail Id.


I think practically speaking banning cold drinks is next to impossible. We cannot ban cold drinks. It has become an important part of our life. Tell me, if it is banned what have you thought for its substitute? Lassi or milk. Will you prefer milk n lassi in ur birthday parties? These companies which produce cold drinks are paying high rate of tax to the government and also employement opportunities. They participate actively in the social welfare activities. All these favours of these companies cannot be forgotten. But the problem is in our administrative system. Cold drinks manufactured in U.s.a. are not that harmful. So India though it cannot ban cold drinks but it can always put some standards for these companies. Thus I conclude cold drinks cannot and should not be banned...rather some quality standards should be applied.


I wish that cold drinks should be completely banned because it has effects on our health.


No I don't think so because I am always thirsty.


Cold drinks should not be banned. It is the only form of drink where we refresh ourselves in summer time. Besides teenegers(a portion) confine themselves to cold drinks and does not extend to beer because of the existence of cold drinks.


I dont think it should be banned. It's a form of junk food and if it is to be then why not chocolates,candies,etc etc....??? It has bad effect but it depends upon the amount of consumption. Government has set up some standards for checking these drinks and chemicals used in them. Besides they are being consumed since so many years. It isnt addictive. Banning them isn't going to make any difference. You know what should be banned? Alcoholism and drugs among teenagers. There should be awareness in schools and the teachers should be more open about such issues. Punishing students involved will not help them stop but indirectly encourage others around. I think AWARENESS for these real harmful products is what we need.


Cold drinks shouldn't be banned as it is not harmful for us. None of the people have yet proved the chemical present in the cokes are 100% harmful for us.


Cold drinks should be banned becuse it can cause obesity in long run, calcium depletion in the body which causes oestoporosis and the teeth enamel is also destroyed. Because of cold drinks, phosphates from the body are washed out and kidneys are strained a lot which may bring renal disorders. Also the mental growth may hamper on the prolong use of the cold drinks.


We should ban cold drinks but it is not the solution of any problem. If we ban cold drinks from the market then the people will try to find out some other things. So if we want to do something for our country people then we should show its effect by using visualisation technique by which they can easily aware about its harmful effects.


what kind of cold drinks? You mean coke, 7up etc.


Cold drink may cause severe dehydration nd its lead hypovolumic shock condn. also cause peptic ulcer and sore throat.










It contains lots of sugar and carbohydrates and articial flavours which harms our body and brain.


Some cold drinks have high concentration of carbohydrates and preservatives, which is bad for the body.


cold drinks should be replaced by natural fruit drinks


Really Cold drink is very dangerous.


cold drinks should be banned, I agree with this statement.


I completely agree with the point that cold drinks should banned as they are very harmful for us since it contains large amount of carbohydrates, glucose, carbondioxide which is very harmful for the human body.


In my opinion cold drinks(carbonated one)should be completely banned as it contain Triglotin which cause Cancer if used regularly.


Yes I also like to say that Soft drinks should be banned because it affects not only the young generations but everyone.


No,because no one has the right to ban cold drinks.I am drinking this since 10 years and I have not got harmed by cold drinks.


In my view it should be banned ,because now every one knows about its harmful effects.


yes it should be banned


no,is my answer because we are all big enough to see what is good and bad for us.If you have to ban something then ban alcohol first.


Cold drinks should not be banned because the manufacturing company provides job to many people at national and international level. If it is banned these people will be unemployed and the economic conditions will be disturbed within the country.


I agree with Paras that cold drinks should be banned as it spoils our teeth.


I think practically speaking banning cold drinks is next to impossible. We cannot ban cold drinks. It has become an important part of our life. Tell me, if it is banned what have you thought for its substitute? Lassi or milk. Will you prefer milk n lassi in your birthday parties? These companies which produce cold drinks are paying high rate of tax to the government and also employement opportunities. They participate actively in the social welfare activities. All these favours of these companies cannot be forgotten.

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