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Are school uniforms comfortable?
Most of the children complain that their school uniforms are very uncomfortable. During hot summer days many kids saythat that they feel very hot in their uniforms.
Started on  24-Apr-2007  By  apeksha tejwani   E-mail :

This is a rather funny statement. I have never heard about school uniforms being uncomfortable. Rather they are the most comfortable dresses according to me. Though I agree in some schools this may be the case but we can not blame school uniform as a whole for that. I personally feel they are the most comofortable, simple, graceful, decent and easy to carry dress. Nothing can substitute a school uniform.


No,at least not during summer. Some schools don,t even bother to make ties optional and this makes the students suffer.


For girls in our school we have skirts for pt which becomes very embarrassing while running or playing. It's not at all comfortable.


From my point of view, its really a comfortable dress!


Hi Well I think there should be two kinds of clothes : one for winter and one for summer. That would help in taking care of the problems faced by various students.


Hi. I think that the school uniforms are very comfortable. They give us sense of unity, proud, honour etc. There is no discrimination. The uniform represents our school.


A school uniform is only uncomfortable during games period. For that we should have track suits otherwise they are fantastic.


School uniforms are really comfortable. It gives an identity to us and we are easily recognised with our uniform in public places. Moreover it brings unity in our minds. It also gives us the sense of gratitude and it adds to our beauty.


I think school uniforms are comfortable and there is no doubt in this. I mean they give us an identity, a recognition. And I think one feels proud wearing his/her school dress rather than casuals in school because the uniform has its school name attached to it n being a student I have observed that students might say that they don't like their school but somewhere in one corner of their heart they respect their school, they cant listen wrong things about them especially in interschool competitions.


The school uniform should be changed as per the age of students Compelling the students to wear half skirt and top in the higher secondary level should be prohibited. That will give a false impression to the teachers that the children are still little kids.


No School Uniforms are not comfortable.


In our school girls have to wear skirts even for sports which makes it uncomfortable for us to run.


In my opinion they are really comfortable.


I agree with Deepali that it is uncomfortable on sports day but it is very comfortable in rainy and summer season.


School uniforms are very uncomfortable.


I think that school uniforms are very important. They do look smart but at the same time I think that these uniforms are uncomfortable sometimes, especially during the games periods and summers when you have to wear the ties and everything.


According to me school uniforms should be always there in a school as it helps in identifying a particular school. It also increases uniformity among students. But uniforms should be made comfortable as they create a lot of problems during games or other activities. To solve this problem uniforms must have a skirt and a shirt which makes it comfortable.


I think that school uniforms are very important as outsiders may know that we belong to one school but at the same time it is uncomfortable in summer.


First of all school uniforms do not distract us[students] and we even look smart in them. School uniforms are comfortable most of the time but really ucomfortable when it is too hot or too cold that even wearing a sweater does not help! But school uniforms also create a lot of problem during certain activities and make us feel very uncomfortable.


School uniforms dont distract us in the first place and are comfortable. But it makes us feel very uneasy when we are doing a paricular activity and makes us feel uncomfortable during summer and even winter.


school uniforms are not cool I hate them.


school uniforms are not cool I hate them.

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