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Is veg food healthier than non-veg food?
Please give me your opinions on this topic, I feel this is a very common topic that people speak on.
Started on  15-Apr-2007  By  Apeksha Tejwani   E-mail :

Well, I think that a non veg diet would be a beter diet as such people also have the benefit of a veg diet. So as far as veg food is concerned, it is also proved to be a healthy and nutritious diet, but has very few items which can provide us with proteins, but if you see non veg food like - eggs, chicken, mutton, and many more such foods have a large content of proteins in them. So I conclude saying that non veg food is much better than veg food.


Man basically is a herbivorus. If we look at the animal kingdom we can see that all the herbivorus animals have the simlar dental structure which clearly indicates that the human being also ought to be vegetarian by birth. It is only the living conditions which makes man a carnivorous. The vegetarian foods are easily digestible and slow in decomposing in comparison to flesh. Even the human digestive system is congeneal to vegetable food as the intestine is much longer than the carnivorous and takes longer time to evacuate resulting in the food matter getting lying decomposed stage in a prolonged period of time which can cause digestive disorders. Further, vegetarians have more stamina and endurance power than their counterpart as it is evident that elephants who are largest animal of the forest, a vegetarian, can stand fighting days together without tiring whereas the king of the jungle a carnivorous will have to withdraw in few hours when it comes to combat.


Pls send me some information about veg food is better than nonveg food.


I agree with the fact that non veg food items are better than veg items. Reason, a healthy person requires complete diet and veg + meat makes the diet complete. Only caution that needs to be taken is do not have non veg items on daily basis. once in a week or couple of weeks will be best. Further focus on complete range of non veg items. For exampled instead of having chicken only its better to have mutton and fish also regularly. Point to be noted is "EVERY FOOD ITEM IS BENEFICIAL TO HUMAN BEING BUT PROPER DIET PLANNING IS REQUIRED"


I think Veg. food is better as it provides nutritious diet.


Ya it is true.


I think that all those who are saying that non- veg is better food they are also non- veg. But the one who are veg they cant eat non-veg items at all.


When we eat Non Veg, we are all veg by nature. The Chicken that we eat feeds on grains. The Mutton that we eat feeds on grass, the fish that we eat feeds on algae. That's the advantage of being on to of Food Chain. So Non Veg food by logic is better and suited for human beings.


Non-veg food is equally important in our diet as it helps in many ways,especially fish and other seafood as fish contains omega 3 which makes our immune system stronger. Do you know that most of the veg food put together does not contain as much omega 3 as much as fish alone contains!!!!!!




I think that non-veg is better then veg food as there are more calories in non-veg food.For eg. If we eat only one egg(100 gram) it means we take 100 cal. We eat rice 300 grams we take 100 cal.


I think veg is best because it doesn't harm any one. Vegetarians are soft, and every enlightened persons like Buddha,Osho and Gandhiji etc advise veg is good for health and to get enlightenment as compare to non-veg, vegetarians don't get angry easily. Veg is easily digestible food. Human Beings are basically vegetarians.So what is the need to kill animals.


Non veg diet is very useful for a hectic lifestyle as one doesnt get all the nutrients one needs from a veg diet. In a veg diet one needs to have great variety of foodstuffs to attain all nutrients many of which are not easily available in your regular diets. Non veg makes us healthier by eating lesser food. Hence it is not necessary to eat non veg daily as one receives enough nutrients from having non veg twice or thrice a week.


I think that non-veg is better then veg food as there are more calories in non-veg food.


Non-veg food has more calories and proteins but go through modern science that says excess quantity of calories and protien cause cancer, heart attack, etc diseases. Our holy scriptures have already mentioned that veg food is best for human.


veg food is much better than non-veg food.


All the peoples should take equal amount of vegetarian meals and non vegetaarian meals. So that our body can get all the vitamins and proteins and some animal fat.


Being vegetarian doesn't mean not to eat non-veg food,it also means not to think vegetarian. I believe if anyone can follow this from his childhood,definitely he will endow his all aspiration with ease and can live a perfect life. But it is difficult to practise and needs great determination.

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