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Art forms of India
India is famous for its dancing, music, paintings, weaving, handicrafts, making sculputures and what not. But many of these are on the verge of becoming extinct. I feel that these have to be revived and the artisans have to be taken care of by the state so that their tradition continues. This will help India in earning the distinction of becoming the country of arts. Everyone of us must acquire some knowledge about any one of the art forms.
Started on  12-Sep-2004  By  pooja padmanabhan   E-mail :

As you know that India is a historical place there are many of the customs of Indian culture. The culture of a country is its custom, religion, thinking of the people, food habits of the people and their festivals.


I am glad that Pooja has taken up a suject which is equally interested to me and want to share my thoughts with others. But I regret to inform that very few are there to discuss this issue. I am proud to be an Indian, a country of many diversities,rich culture and tradition. Nowadays many of the art forms due to the negligence are on the edge of extinct. The reasons are many. But one should realise the essence of our culture and should continue to our next generation. The future generation should not come to know about our culture through the books. Let us not bring this condition.


It is good you have thrown some light over this topic. India is recognised as the country of arts in every part of the world today. Indian dance is nowdays so popular that even westerners are keen on mastering them. There are still villages in India where they have pottery, weaving, basket making, handicraft making, etc as their main profession. But as these people are not getting the correct price for their works they are moving towards agriculture. The middle man is earning all the profits and the people who are suffering are the producers and the consumers. So first of all encouragement for the growth of these small scale industries must be given by the government. Further regulated markets have to be established so that these people get reasonable price for their goods. Then alone can we expect massive growth of such industries in India. But India is still known for her talents and specialities it offers.

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