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Are we forgetting our own culture in aping the west?
Nowadays we are always thinking about the western life culture. But we are forgetting our own rich culture. We think that a person not wearing jeans or a person who cannot speak in english is a backward or an outdated person. Is this so?
Started on  4-Mar-2007  By  Palak   E-mail :

No,I don't think that a person not wearing jeans or not speaking English is backward. I feel that what marks a person as backward are his thoughts,words and actions.The language you speak is immaterial but the words you choose make a great difference.


I completely agree with Sneha but it is also essential that we pace up with the changing world some peole opt for jeans as it is easy to carry and therefore it is comfortable. That surely doesn't mean that we call a person not wearing jeans as outdated. English speaking is surely the need of the hour but that too doesn't mean that we forget hindi. All these things do develop you as a good personality. But cannot be the essence.


Well, I feel that those people especially youngsters who are influenced by the western ways of living life, are forgetting Indian culture. It is not only about the clothes or the eating habits. But it is the beliefs that the Indians believe in. Perhaps these youngsters feel that these beliefs are very superstitious and hence prefer not believing in these beliefs. When it comes to the clothes, well,if not everyday atleast we can wear the traditional clothes occasionally. And when it comes to language I think we should and must know ,at least our mother toungue and our national language. A person should not feel let down by others thoughts. If a person is confident and does not find any mistake in following the Indian culture then that person should follow the culture and if needed that person can preach about that culture also. And no person should feel backward or outdated by following his/her culture. If each person feels backward in doing so then our Indian culture will get perished soon.


Shubhangi and Sneha, you are right in your own ways. But it is also true that we are forgetting our culture.


Gone are the days when the whole world looked up to India and venerated it as a country, that was deeply rooted in spirituality, moral and ethical values, as said by the great thinker of all times - Swami Vivekananda. But nowadays, I strongly feel that today's youth is influenced more by hollywood, bollywood and all other "woods"!!! than the moralities and is becoming more and more inclined towards the western culture. I feel that there is a complete degradation and erosion of all our ethical values and if our Indian society continues at this rate, I think that india would become another "USA" within few years. I doubt if any respect is being given at all, to people who respect our Indian culture, follow the customs, clothe themselves in a decent attire other than jeans, pants, dresses without sleeves, etc.. I wish to emphasise that today's youth must know the difference between the "real and the reel life" and must also realise that aping the west is not the right thing to do. The westerners have their own trends, customs and lifestyle, that has been evolved, in order to suit their climatic conditions. But, it isn't necessary that we Indians should ape them. In short, I wish to say that, we are indeed forgetting our culture in aping the west ; forgetting our motherland that has brought up all of us for over centuries; are being ungrateful and disloyal to her; are forgetting all her gentleness and loving kindness upon all of us and that we are digging graves for ourselves and for the country ....


Very well written musicvasu.


I agree with you musicvasu. We are really forgetting our culture.




Yes I agree with this.


We have a great culture and its an unique one. Our culture is attracting the attention of the world. SO KEEP IT UP AND BE PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.


The Passage was very good. I liked to read it very much.

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