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Is our English Grammar getting worse?
I think our English Grammar is getting affected day by day with the influence of internet, emails, etc. We use short forms like 'u' for 'you', 'r' for are, 'ur' for your and much more. This is resulting in making college and even some school students writing these short forms in exams and making their grammar worse than ever. Please tell me your opinion about this topic.
Started on  19-Feb-2007  By  Vasundhara Gaekwad   E-mail :

Well quiet true, this has good signs as well as negative signs. Just compare olden days english with today's english is it the same? No, because we do not use words like 'thou' and others like that. So it's just a simple sign of english becoming more advanced, and if you see the negative side then Yes our grammar is getting worse and the only solution is that if students use such short form language in tests or exams teachers should cut marks out of their papers so that next time they do not do the same mistake.


Please Vasu I know it is right what ur sayin but some people like me r usin this only on the comp becuz till now I don't think so I have ritten anythin on the paper ever like that ok. Then but still for the people who are doin this r totally unlucky becuz the grades may not turn out good for them. Anywayz keep ritin more poems and articles till then best of luck sis...!


We use the shortform in sms, while chatting etc. We use it because it is much easier than typing the whole thing and not that our english grammar is affected.


I am from Bangladesh. According to me English Grammar is not difficult. Most of the teachers nowadays themselves are not good in gramar.


You are absolutely right, vasundara.

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