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Do cartoons have a negative impact on children?
Children love watching cartoons.For them it is their source of entertainment.Keeping this in mind many cartoon channels have also come up and they all are doing good business.But is it possible that unknowingly they are showing some violent content in their cartoons that may affect the tender hearts of children? Please send in your views and spread awareness regarding this topic.
Started on  11-Feb-2007  By  Sukriti   E-mail :

Even I am an ardent cartoon watcher. But till now I have not learnt anything negative or violent by watching cartoons. I watch cartoons because I want to take a break from my usual routine and spend a little time relaxing myself. I have never watched cartoons which show violence may be because I am a girl but sometimes I have seen my younger brothers watching such stuff. But its effect on them is definitely not negative. But all children are not like them. I think the matter should be taken care of by the parents. The parents have to tell them what is good to see and vice versa. If parents are around to advise children and keep a watch on the children of what content they are watching then definitely there will be no problem. So parental guidance is required.


Well cartoons do have a negative effect on children. "My child refuses to go to play". This complaint is heard from many parents and what is the reason? Indeed its because of cartoons. Perhaps young children don't realise the defects of watching cartoon since they are small. Scientifically it is proved that children tend to get addicted to the television mainly because of cartoons. It is also proved that children start performing poorly in class due to addiction of cartoons. Well, when it comes to entertainment it is not only cartoon that entertains us. Even educative channels are also entertaining and educative. Cartoon channels are designed for children, indeed they are entertaining them, but they must keep in mind that these tender minds learn from whatever they see. So if the cartoon channels show violent scenes children naturally learn violence from them. So finally, I would like to say that if cartoon channels want to entertain children then they have to stop presenting violent stuff and rather concentrate on various factors like the green house effect, over population,illiteracy and various other problems that majority of the countries are facing. Though children are taught about this in school, showing these stuff in the form of cartoons would be more effective.


Cartoons are only a source of entertainment. It does not give any information to them. Sometimes the language used in it is also not good.


Well after a project that was assigned to me in a college class I have spent hours watching cartoons that range in different age groups. Our assignment was to watch the shows and discuss where they stand on voilence, education, and cultural diversity . My findings are that most shows that target the youger age group are primarly focussed on education . For example Dora the Explorer focusses on cultural diversity by teaching spanish words to the children . The shows not only teaches spanish but they also count in english. I have watched hours of these shows and have found no violence in them. But as the age groups progress so does the violence and adult humor. For example sponge bob square pants, I personaly would not allow a child under the age of 9 watch this show, simply because of the violence and adult humor. Then there are shows like the power puff girls and power rangers that are jam packed with violence what does that teach our children? This is what I want you to do if you believe that violent cartoons have absolutely no effect on a child. Let a 4 or 5 year old child watch a show that has kung fu or fighting in it. Then watch them closely for the next couple of days. I did this with my daughter. She has been going around the house karotte choping the couch, punching the dog, she now calls herself a kung fu princess . So I guess that pretty much tells us that we should be very aware of the type of shows that we let our children watch. I personly would not enjoy a call from my child's school telling me that she is being violent to the other children, simply because she learnt it on a t.v show.


Cartoons are nice, but they contain many bad things. Many children get a habit of watching cartoons which spoil their future. They learn those dialoges,actions,etc. They have a very bad effect on them. What can we learn? Not to do our homework, not to eat good food, not to respect elders and so on and on. People should stop children from watching cartoons for a lot of time. It surely gives us some fun but watching it for more than 1 and a half hour will spoil us.


Cartoons for sure have negative impacts on children. Not only violence but there are other factors that worry me more.


I dont think that cartoons hav any negative impact on children. Good children will not follow bad habits.


Cartoons do affect children in a very bad way.



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