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paper money vs plastic money credit cards
I think credit cards are better then paper money. what do you think?
Started on  10-Oct-2008  By  Rohail   E-mail :



Credit cards are better than paper money in many ways, but there are certain drawbacks as well. A few of the advantages are: 1) Easy to handle- There is no need to carry large heavy wallets which can allure passerbies, hence, preventing the chances of theft. 2) Easy access to money- In case of immediate need for money, we can withdraw / debit the required amount from the account and thus eliminate any risk of getting stranded while travelling. 3) Easy availabliity- Every bank these days provide Credit cards as soon as the account become functional. The cash ATM machines are also open 24/ 7, therefore whenever in need one does not have to wait for the banks to open, but can take out the money using the card. 4) MIles of Cards- Most credit cards companies give miles on every purchase. This implies that by using the card for purchasing an item, there are points added which get accumulated in the account of the user. Ultimately, when a good amount of such points get collected, the customer can use them for purchasing any item for free, thus making a double use of money. However, a few disadvantages are: 1) Just a plastic- After all, Credit card is just a plastic and can get either lost / stolen. This results in crimes in which hefty purchases are made under the name of the account holder. Such cases might get sovled in the favour of the petitioner, but there is still an identity theft which is a very serious issue. 2) Shops using other vendors- There are many stores which accept cards of a particular company only. Here cash is the only medium of payment for those who use a credit card of a different company. 3) Less Global availability- There are many companies which do not allow their cards to be used in areas where they have a regional conflict with. 4) Worn out Magnetic strip- The magnetic strip can get worn out due to excessive usage. If such a situation happens while travelling, and this is the only source of cash that the customer has, then he/ she has to wait till the time they receive a new card, which can take a mininum of 48 hrs. Hence, it can be concluded that although Credit cards are a good and faster way to access money, but total dependance on them is wrong. Secondly, the owner needs to be extra cautious while using them. Technology has definitely improved our lives, but we should prevent its misuse.


It was good.the information which I needed I got. thank you.


I think, now a days we haven't much time. so, it is easy for us that we use plastic credit cards. Through this we can save our time.



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