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TV Viewing
Is TV Viewing harmful for the children? Does it affect their studies? Does it affect their reasoning power?
Started on  11-Dec-2003  By  Srishti Badghare   E-mail :

TV is most destructive medium of entertainment in 21st century but it is also the most educative medium in a restricted sense. A child's mind develops at faster pace these days thanks to mtv, channel v & other brigade. He/she develops materialistic outlook of life. Some ads flashes on " buy one ice-cream and get another free" etc............. Eating ice-cream is okay but inculcating greed is bad. Also bold topics displayed through "serials" also ends the reasoning power of child. He/she might take for granted the ill-doings of characters of serials. But what can be done in this situation is we can build such an environment at home that the child feels less dependent on TV for passing time and more dependent on his/her hobbies. I tell you that the best way you can provide a child a "developing" environment as compared to a "stagnant environment"


The word media has two important constituents one is print media and other is audio visual media I think here we are blaming the second one.There are always two faces of the coin and that depends on the man what he sees. People say that we waste time in watching televison but when television was not there also used to waste time then why to blame media. People in remote corners of india get education IGNOU or Gyan Darshan programs. There are many educative channels like Discovery, History or National Geographic channel, but remote is in our hand and we can change from these good channels to bad ones,then why to blame media. During past few years we are not dependent on newspapers for news we get it on the television in very few minutes even programs are there where interaction with the presenter is possible. Do you people now feel that media is spoiling our children- definitely big NO.Yes we have to take some precautions regarding time, programme and channel then only we can say that media is helping our children to get knowledge.


I find seeing tv and learning as 2 different categories.It cannot affect our studies if we take it in a positive way. Why not can we see TV when we get all those knowledge with channels like Discovery and National Geographic?


I love to see T.V


I love to see T.V. Epecially those channels which gives knowledge to us like Discovery and National Geographic.They help us in learning important things. It does not effect on our studies at all. We cannot read news paper every time at home.


I love to see t.v. And we should watch T.V. But for a proper time. We should not switch on the T.V and sit down to watch it for 24 hours which will strain our eyes and harm our studies. But you can watch it according to your time table.


I think television is a wonderful example of technology with its two sides- good and bad.


Good and bad are two facets of a coin. Therefore , I say that extensive t.v viewing is harmful. The real problem is that what we see is actually not what we want to see. We should have a proper censoring by ourselves.


Hello everybody! What would you say? The biggest Problem today is, that the children watch TV uncontrolled. Should the children watch TV uncontrolled? Yes or no? Pleas give your opinions.


People can't just blame the media alone. There are many good channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and so on. It is the self-control of the students to restrict themselves watching unnecessary programs in TV. The time also matters. When we are free without any work, we can watch TV that too only for a certain time.


According to me TV is associated with aggression, violence and increased fear. It also results in poor school performance and drug or alcohol use. Children are imitaters, they do whatever they see.


I think watching T.v is good, but only for 1/2 -1hr


According to me TV kills the reading habit present in a child and makes the child lazy


According to me, television is used both in good and bad way.


I don't think there is anything wrong with watching tv, as long as homeworrk and chores are done and the show is appropriate


According to me, TV is both good and bad. On TV if we see channels like discovery, animal planet, we get useful knowledge. But if we see bad channels, it is bad. And if we are not seeing good knowledgeable channels, instead cartoons etc., then it should have a limit.


TV viewing can become sometimes useful and sometimes destructive. If children watch discovery, history or the quiz programme on the tv then it is useful because atleast they gain little knowledge through it but instead of that if children watch serials cartoons then it is simply waste of time. According to me children under 6 yrs should watch cartoons because after that one's knowledge starts building up and if one gets tempted towards serials or cartoons then this knowledge starts decreasing. One should try to develop this knowledge instead of decreasing it. Once in a while tv viewing is ok but not every time


TV is a major mass media which is a one time investment which can be used to telecast educative information, which will reach to villages, where teachers are not availble. So I feel it is only our choice of channel selection. TV is best educative media where we use all our five senses attentively to digest information.




TV VIEWING is bad as well as harmful for children. but for ADULTS, no problem. In the TV, they spmetimes show bad things and people are influenced by it.


I hate television.


I think it is all a thing of doing things in moderation, TV in moderation is not a bad thing for sure, but when you are watching for 5 hours a day it is definitely bad for your health. Also I think young children should be kept away from night time television, if their mind is not mature enough for it, but this all has to be decided by the parent.


It is all about watching TV in moderation, the parent has to be responsible enough to tell the child when and for how long the child should be watching TV.


Hi, I think TV should be measured for children


TV is really an inevitable part of today's busy life. Most of them blame TV if their children don't study and stuff like that, but the truth is that if there is any important program and power failure every one keeps on cursing the power to come not to swtich on the fan in summer but to switch on their favorite channels. So according to me TV is something highly informative machine and should be seen everyday and also should be shown to the kids accordingly.


TV is very important thing and every parents should buy it and should know how to use it for their kids


TV is an important part of my life. I can't leave my best programmes that are telecast on discovery, history, nat geo etc. But side by side I also keep a balance between studies & T.V.


I think TV is good for children, in a limited amount. Watching educational programmes and quiz shows can improve their knowlege. Don't you think that children can learn things from programmes that are not specifically to help them learn? Do you think they can learn social skills and how to react in different situations?


Do you think that TV can be a good way for children to learn about the world? and even learn social skills from programmes that are not specifically designed to teach them new skills?


TV Viewing is not Harmful but in limit, but today's life where the children very much like watching TV... gives the bad result for them, They always catch the wrong things...even because of the TV they never like the social activities, They catch the wrong words...because of the modernizations which is exploited on TV very much ...children catch the western culture, and they disobey parents, they don't value the elders... When they get very much interested in programme it destroys the children's precious time.... because this is the perfect age to learn many more Swimming...painting. Dancing...also adopt the culture......... In this age childrenís all body parts have the sensitive touch so watching the TV more is very harmful for eyes.... as well as mind. But limited TV watching gives the knowledge to children.


It is both useful and harmful. It helps us to increase our knowledge but has some negative impacts on children.


I certainly feel that TV is like the depression and the hill. It becomes depression when we use it in an irresponsible manner and otherwise it acts as the stairs to the goal through various edaucative plants in the form of channels lead us to the hill(goal).


In my opinion tv viewing is harmful for small children as it can lead to many problems related to eyes and head ache some problems related to studies as we watch more tv we more effect our studies we children studying hard watch less tv and scores good marks where as students who watch more tv effect their eyes as well as their studies by scoring less marks


I too like to watch t.v. But I know that there is a limit for everything. Too much is too bad.


Well that's just okay! As long as they can control themselves and are responsible to handle all possible consequences.


Televission provides you good knoweldge if you watch it within limit ie at spare time.


A child sitting with a remote of what is popularly called the idiot box could watch anything from cartoons to programmes with murders. According to me, TV is associated with aggression, violence and increased fear. It also results in poor school performance and drug or alcohol use. Children are imitators, they do whatever they see. According to me TV kills the reading habit present in a child and makes the child lazy. TV viewing is harmful for small children as it can lead to many problems related to eyes. Problems related to studies as we watch more TV it affects our studies but the children studying hard watch less TV and score good marks where as students who watch more TV affect their eyes as well as their studies by scoring less marks. Children arenít engaging in the activities they need to help them develop their bodies and brains when they watch television. Young children need to ďexplore, move, manipulate, smell, touch and repeat as they learn. Watching television does not increase attention, promote social skills, or foster creative play. The problem of obesity has risen, and television watching consumes more calories than sleeping. Children who watch too much television donít get as much physical activity and donít explore new activities. Eating too much junk food and watching too much television are two major causes for obesity. Do we want to promote these behaviors at young ages? No, friends not at all. Violence in the media, television programming, video games and movies are a growing concern. Children are imitators who watch violent shows which are likely to display aggressive behavior. For older children, it is important to play, read, do homework, and talk with other children and adults for healthy development. Children who watch too much TV have less time for these activities, which are so important for a healthy development.


Tv is okay. It depends upon the type of child watching it.we can't neglect tv but we can surely neglect the fivolous programmes in it. I like viewing tv but I know the basic rule of life-excess of everything proves futile. Watching tv in excess leads to contamination in mind, aggression,lethargic,non seriousness etc. Be careful and limited or you will have to pay a hefty price.


I think it affects our children. The more tv -less brains.


TV is the greatest thing ever created. I watched TV every day for hours on end when I was a kid. It did not destroy my brain, I got accepted into Berkley. I am now a Bio-Chemist making big money, and I have TV to thank for that. Watching Discovery Channel really influenced me to become something great. I even watched the violent television programs and I never wanted to hurt anyone. Junk food commercials did not want to make me eat their products. I ate healthy even when these commercials flew by me every day. It is society itself that has the bad influence on our young, not the box sitting in the living room.


I think watching t.v is not a problem. It should b watchd in limits. We get many important news on t.v. I think we should watch it only for gaining our knowledge.


I think watching t.v. is not a bad thing .But watching it too much is a matter which neads attention and control .I say that extensive t.v viewing is harmful. The real problem is that what we see is actually not what we want to see. We should have a prop. It depends upon the type of child watching it.we can't neglect tv but we can surely neglect the fivolous programmes in it. I like viewing tv but I know the basic rule of life-excess of everything proves futile. Watching tv in excess leads to contamination in mind, aggression,lethargic,non seriousness etc


hi, tv is something ,like well . you can draw water from it,but if a person jumps and commits suicide it is the mistake of the person not the well. similarly, you can draw good things from tv but if u draw bad things it is not the mistake of tv.


I like to see tv. In my point of view it is nothing to worry , because it is entertainment time in a free time. It won`t disturb the mind of the child. It depends upon the child watching it.


Hi everybody, from my point of view tv viewing is not harmful as it is a medium of knowledge,history of countries,entertainment. But excess of tv watching can strain your eyes which also can result in loss of vision. In free time students want to watch cartoons but they can watch discovery or can read books instead of watching tv. So mainly it depends upon the child watching tv and his/her point of view and some parents also dont look after their children so parents also have a crucial role in the child's life.


I think watching tv is not at all harmful for the STUDENTS as we get to learn many new things about the world.


I love watching t.v . Watching t,v should be kept for atleast 2hrs per week. Remaning like 6 or 7 hrs for studying per week . Children of age 12-18 should atleast spend 5hrs per week and should spend in extra leisure activities too like reading novels, listening to music etc.














T.V is good but in limit.




T.V. viewing is useful as well as harmful !




TV Viewing is harmful for the children


See, it is not the TV which is harmful but it is the children which can make them useful or harmful. As everybody said benefits and uses of TV are two sides of the same coin but it is not true because two sides of coin means LUCK but here it is not the luck, it is totally in our hands. We can make TV useful by watching it in a limit.


TV often does this job of entertaining and educating our young generation. It brings the world, right into the home and shows us people, places and the things we might otherwise never see. What we view is more memorable. For many children, television is their only window to the world outside their homes as their parents do not allow children to go out without any supervision. Television watching by children can be very educational and beneficial to their development, but viewing wrong programmes may not be good.


I dont feel, watching tv is too bad as people already watching good channels like travel and living,discovery etc. would really improve our knowledge but at the same time seeing bad things tells us how our society has channed and tell us how careful we should be.


TV viewing is not harmful. It is up to the parents and the children themselves to select good shows on TV.


TV viewing is always interesting. Reading book is boring. If I get any book on tv then its interesting.


I think TV is important to entertain us.

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