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Is it a curse or a boon being a only child?
This has almost become a common topic between children, and a lot of talks on how to control only children from becoming selfish, so I really do feel it is an important topic to be discussed.
Started on  19-Dec-2006  By  Shreya rao   E-mail :

It is a curse being an only child. Though the child may like the pampering and unconditional love it is receiving being an only child makes him/her dull. I have a friend and she is the only child of her parents. Her parents have made her sit on the head literally and she has become spoilt and arrogant because she has taken for granted the love her parents give her. If there was another child her parents would not have pampered her so much. Moreover being the only child makes one lonely and without any company. Sadly afterwards the parents regret for not having another child. The child obviously become selfish as all that his parents give are meant only for them and thus he forgets the noble habit of sharing. If there is a sibling then he definitely will learn to share his toys and other things. So two children per family is a must.


It is neither a course nor a boon being the only child. It depends upon the child's nature. If the child is feeling lonely and confeses to the parents ,then the parents may opt for a second child. But,if the child is able to adjust with friends without any siblings then the parents may not opt for another child. Moreover since there is a problem of over population parents may adopt children if the child wants a sibling. In the end I would like to say that the decision of opting a second child should be made only after the the first child accepts. And in case the child wants a sibling there should not be a very big gap between their ages.


Being the only child of your parents fetches you a lot of benefits,you get more resources, more love and more attention from your parents. But I still feel that having two is better as the child learns to live in accomodation making him less fussy. He has a company 24/7. And the love between two siblings is the most cherished and long lasting. You have someone to take help. Parents have a better suppport system in their old age. At the end of the day its not the money but the number of good relationnships you are able to build is what makes you a richer person.


I think it's a curse. I am the only child of my parents. Whenever I see a brother and a sister playing together i just feel lonely.


Private jobs are better than govt job. Because this sector has more n more chance to grow, showing your talents, more n more money to earn.


If you are the only child ,it becomes a real curse when parents dont socialize much with other people.

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