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Bad at football
I am an Indian and live abroad. Why are Indians bad at football? Why are we good at other sports like cricket but not at football?
Started on  8-Nov-2003  By  Anonymous   E-mail :

There are many reasons. Few main reasons are- 1. Culture (cricket is related to Gulli Danda) 2. Lack of Government policy and funds for promotion 3. Lack of well developed play grounds (population density is very high)


I think we can excel. We have clubs that are 100 yrs old. The oldest tournaments and football has largest fan following at domestic level something cricket can't even dream of. We need to create an infrastructure like more local leagues where interested sportsperson can showcase their talent rather than one NFL.professional structure is higly recommended


In order to excel in any game coaching must be given at the beginning. The govt. should try to organise more Leagues and should try to cover a wider range.for eg. U-13, U-15 football. Tournaments should be organised on a regular basis and children will eventually develop an interest in the game and will try to express their talents.


As I always follow and remember in life different people have different capabalities. Our indian youngsters since 5-6 yrs are practicing and attending football matches and tournaments for fun-sake. But youth of our age 13-18 now are embracing football. To an extent I my self am in a foot-ball team and being a captain of my team I just realized that only tournaments won't do it for all. New up coming players should be given a chance. So things required are 1.govt support 2.encouragment through mass media and enthusiasm


Football should be Americanised. The NFl should take a leaf out of Premier Hockey League's book. There can be four quarters, unlimited subs and better names. The field must be made smaller and draws must end in penalty shootouts even in league games. These measures will make football much more interesting for indians and thus encouraging them to play football much more


Get some coaches from England or Scotland- They could transform your footballing standards like we did at cricket -- you would probably beat us soon!


The country that plays good sports are clean from their heads. We start well but our atmosphere make us corrupted. Any game can be fully played with clear and open mind. When you are young you play like that but environment(corruption, pollution, society) makes our sportsmen weak.


I think yes because our country is tring very hard to solve the problem of our foootball.In this game there is no politics. In other countries they give full support to their players and provide good facilities for them so that's the main reason.


Indians are not bad at football!


In India more importance is given to only one team game i.e. CRICKET. Rather not football but also many such team games like , hockey. if India wins one match in a whole series its appreciable. But if suppose it wins whole series of football or hockey , we are unknown to it.

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