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Reservation in bus
Please don't mistake me for a motto- women- liberty character but some how I feel that in India where we intend to practise equality "why reservation for women in bus?". I strongly feel that if this measure was taken for the upliftment of women then it was the worst idea if they need to come up in life they need to fight forward why can't they even compete men for seat in bus, then how are they going to compete them in other fields. That is my view please put in yours.
Started on  24-Nov-2006  By  Neena Cherian   E-mail :

I completely agree with the point why do we womens need this kind of reservations . WE are not weak or handicapped why does our soceity think that we womens are physically weak? When a women can give birth to another being she can easily stand in a bus and fight for a seat . We womens can walk along with men and sometimes even ahead of them if given a chance. We never need to follow the footsteps of the men .We have our own unique personality.


I think there should be reservation for women because men tend to misbehave with girls sitting next to them. If there is a reservation this can be curbed to a certain extent. I think it is a good measure by the government to protect the girl child. Because men nowadays think that it is their right to harass and trouble girls. If that is curbed then lot of humiliation can be prevented for which the girl child is a major target.


I think women have limitless powers. Its just that she needs to understand it. When one is mentally strong one can face the world, as far as harrasment by the opposite sex is concerned. Females need to tackle such situations in a bold and intelligent manner. She should courageously raise her voice against such humiliations. Its better to slap that person at the very moment rather to demand for reservations even in buses. Reservations in buses in order to curb exploitation done by males would be a SUPERFICIAL attempt. Women are trying hard to prove their existence on this earth, it does not mean that they cannot stand in a bus and fight for a seat. Its important to change the attitude of people who doubt the capabilities of a"female".

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