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We should all respect our elders or older people in our community. What have you done to help them in your life? We should not pity them, we should respect them highly became they have a lifetime of wisdom.
Started on  27-Oct-2003  By  lalaku   E-mail :

"We should always respect..." What about all the rapists? You are so naive. Grow up.


respect is commanded not demanded. Thus it is "age no bar"


I also agree with Karan that is "We should always respect elders"


I agree that we should always respect our elders. I think We should never make fun of someone because they are older


We should respect our elders, because our parents give birth to us and they are the first god for us. & I ALSO AGREE WITH MADDIE THAT I THINK WE NEVER MAKE FUN OF SOMEONE ELDER BECAUSE THEY ARE GOD & SOFT MIND , ,,,, WE SHOULD GIVE FUN FOR THEM & ALSO ENTERTAIMENT.. THANK YOU


God?! Ever heard that saying which goes "Child is the father of man." As Karan said, it's pretty naive respecting elders JUST because they're elders.


We should respect elders because they do so many things for us .I have done so many things to them in my life like helping them in their work and so on.......


I think that we should respect the elderly too. But what if you are like 40 years old and your grandmother wants to punish you what should you do? Can you refuse or do you have to obey? I feel that punishing a 40 year old like little kids is humiliating. What do you think?


What a treasure we have in our old people. What a pity we just dump them at grave loss to society.


Students are not allowed to choose their career in life


I feel that elders play an important role in our lives. They have surely contributed a lot to us who are children as we are the future citizens. Thus, we must respect them in order to thank them and they will be good to us in return. That is all I have to say about the adults of today.


i will find highly obliged if you please let me know the meaning of the phrase "respect is demanded not commanded" I am confused whether the actual phrase is the same as it is above or it is "respect is commanded not demanded"


Well friends I have an assignment about good and bad effects of tv channels so please help me out.


I think that we should always listen to our elders because they might know a lot of good and educated things than us.


I strongly support MELEK; KANYA; NIRMAL; KANNUR; NIVEDITA DINESHAND and all those who say we should respect our parents. I know and can say with no doubt that now its a new generation. But do you support me that mordernization has also made our country weak,unhealthy and disease prone but has not taught us to disrespect our elders.


In my opinion our elders deserve our respect because they once took care of us.


Respecting elders and other people is very much important because every person in this world needs love. But I feel that we can not respect others unless and until we respect ourselves. Self respect and faith in your own self is the very first step towards a better you.


I love to spend time with my elders as they are a storehouse of wisdom and rich experiences. They have gone through almost everything in life and hence we should seek their advice and ask their opinions before doing anything important. My grandfather who resides in a Puttur, a small town raised a large of family of about 10 to 12 people and knows both the sweetness and bitterness of life. He tasted success after going through lot of hardships and difficulties. He managed his sisters' education, marriage when he was still studying and literally can be called their Father. Since he has come from darkness to light he knows how important money and education are. Whenever I come up with a problem he says that he is always there to give advice. And the advice he gives is something which is priceless. All the advice which he has given to me till now has always benefited me and was always profitable to me. Elders know what is good and bad as they have experience that of a lifetime. I always obey my elders as they never wish anything bad for me. They may be a little old fashioned but listening to what they say is of no harm. Youngsters regard the advice of Grandparents and Parents as LECTURE and ignore and neglect it. But if we combine both their advices we can always taste success at a faster pace. We children always need people to talk to, share our joys and sorrows other than our friends. And elders like parents and grandparents fill in the space perfectly like how a jigsaw puzzle is completed by adding a piece which fits in perfectly. Same as the jigsaw puzzle which is incomplete without even one piece my life is incomplete without my elders who shield me from all negative energy and bad vibes.Just as how a rainbow brings to colour to a sunny and rainy dull evening elders are the ones who make my life colourful and lead me to the path of success.



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