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Role of a Teacher
The teacher should create an interesting classroom by motivating her students. She should train the students to go in a right path. She should go down to the level of the students and teach them in such a way that they should understand clearly.
Started on  15-Nov-2006  By  UMA   E-mail :

Good n nice


Please talk about teacher punishing students.


This is a good topic for discussion. I think that teachers are like our second mothers. They are the ones who teach us various things useful for our future life.


They should be playful,serious,teach properly, polite, understanding, friendly and should have good knowledge.


I need more discusion on the roles of a classroom teacher.


Instead of punishing let us know how to tackle the students in the class room. There are many way to tackle the notorious or misbehaving students. 1. Ask them to do assignments many times. 2. Ask them to give presentation of a particular topic. 3. Ask them to sit in front of the teacher. 4. Ask them to see the teacher after class hours 5. Ask them to guide weak students and report to the teacher. 6. Get closer to these students and counsel them.


Teachers are totally unwanted today because teachers have been replaced by computers. Students can outwit the teachers in all aspects of learning and can do better teaching than today's teachers.


I like your thinking........... I am also student in mca 4th semister I went to teach computer, games as well as arts


According to me, a teacher should not be partial. She should be like a candle who consumes herself to light the way of others. Teachers should be friendly so that children can go to them with their problems without any hesitation.


I have just finished 12th standard. According to me teachers should consider every one equal. They should not support any particular student. A teacher should kind enough to teach the topics or lesson in an interesting manner. He/she should teach again and again if any student not able to understand. They should not be so strict. I am lucky that I have got good teachers.




A teacher must be kind to a child.


A teacher is a one who has many characters like a friend, a mother, a father, a guide, a companion, etc.


Teacher is like an oil lamp if a lamp is bright a hundered lamps can be lit by it


Teacher is like an oil lamp if a lamp is bright a hundered lamps can be lit by it


A teacher should be one who can cater to the need of all the students. Her teaching should reflect diversity and if a child cannot understand what she teaches then she should teach the way the child understands. That is a true teacher.


'Teacher' is the holy word. One who holds the teaching profession must understand the learning difficulties of the students, give personal attention and career builder. Teacher is the only person who develops the wholesome personality of the pupils and inculcate values.


Very useful information


A very good teacher.

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