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When we are getting into a new relationship. Should we disclose our past to new entrant or not? What I feel is that one cannot start a relationship on the fake things. For a solid relationship, understanding and faith is required, which comes only if you are clear. So it is not bad to tell about past.
Started on  9-Oct-2003  By  zennith   E-mail :

It is not good to reveal past relationships as it may raise doubts


Good topic raised and lets get straight down to the business. Getting into any relationship is one of the most beautiful phase of ones life but is a great responsibility. I think it is necessary to tell about your past since the faith will increase and the fear at the back of your mind will not haunt you, you will not feel insecure since you will be accepted as you are and if not it is clear that the basis on which your relationship was weak and not worth to carry it forward. It was an illusion.


I dont think its necessary to reveal about your past relationships unless there was something extraordinary about them. For instance if you ever went out with your new partner's friend or you were treated badly by your old partner or or ... I know Maithilee you want to be open and all but i dont think your partner wants to know all those details. Besides starting a new relationship is like breaking from the old. Its like going to a neighbourhood, in order to get new friends you dont start telling them your past, its not neccessary, whats important to them is who you are now and who you wanna be.


When you are getting into a new relationship you should not disclose your past one


Relationship is nothing but understanding and caring for each other. When one is getting into a relationship he should reveal his past to the other person involved in the relationship because it will not survive if its base is not strong.i.e. if it starts without truth it will never have a happy ending. It will always create resentment and hurts in life. So it is ALWAYS better to tell about the past to the other person involved in the relationship.


I feel that your relationship (past or present) is your personal matter & it's up to you how you want to react with the same in particular situation. As far as sharing of past relationship is concerned, should be confined to yourself because Past Relationship indicates that you are not able to continue with that for some or other reason but it shows that you fail to continue with your bonding and shows you are not capable to keep your relationship and thus involving your weakness in your new relation can result to some negative feelings. So Be positive and keep past as personal part of your life.


Relationship these days have become a complex topic for drawing room discussions. People tend to move to extremes whenever this question is raised. While taking sides we try to relegate the position of understanding in the whole process. Just try out discussing topics such as abortion in front of your father / boyfriend you tend to know the reality. So openess in any relationship is a must. And that to an extent of knowing that person or personality.

HELLO MY NAME IS..............

I reckon you should be honest. Tell your girlfriend/boyfriend the truth about your past experiences. You know what I am talking about...

HELLO MY NAME IS..............

I reckon you should be honest. Tell your girlfriend/boyfriend the truth about your past experiences. You know what I am talking about...


I think it is good to be in a relationship where you could get good things like marriage, kids (etc) and you could find love and everything else. But I think it is all right to be in a relationship as long as you get what you want and deserve in a relationship.


Good response

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