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Can Computers repalce teachers?
Computers and Internet have become one major source of information today. It has surely replaced the role of library to some extent but not teaching. No matter how interactive the learning program or internet is but it cannot replace the interaction a teacher and student often share!!!
Started on  30-Oct-2006  By  Sahiba   E-mail :

Yes you are right!


Deekshitha it is really nice of you to start such a topic. I suppose my view is going to contradict with yours. COMPUTERS CAN REPLACE TEACHERS The view is simply because let me be teached by a teacher or a computer both are gonna lecture, and in both cases I am ought to study then why not computers!! I don't intend to say that we ought to do still why not?


Sahiba you are absoulutely correct!!! I too think that even in the future it will not happen. Computers and internet have really taken an important place in our life. Really it was a good topic I enjoyed in expressing my thoughts!!!


Though computer is a very important tool these days still teachers hold their own importance. Teachers are the pillars of society. They instill good moral values among among students.




Yes,to a certain extent.


Sooner or later the computers will replace teachers, why? Firstly, because computers provide different view points on one topic from all over the world. So it is not rigid and it brightens the student's mind with different view points. Secondly, computers teaches discipline to students whereas now a days teachers lack this quality, discipline to be practised by teachers first then only they can teach students, for example, if somebody wants to learn through computers he should follow the rules , one can not press the delete button and expect that the file will be saved. Thirdly, on a single topic one could find different view points from all over the world while a teacher has a limited knowledge as being a human being with limited knowledge available to him on a particular point based on his educational background.


Having a computer as a teacher is rather an extraordinary and an unbearable situation that children may face. Since good teachers are opting for better jobs and unexperienced teachers are being replaced by them. But indeed a computer cannot start such a type of interaction that a student has with the teachers today. It is rather an insane act of replacing a teacher with a computer. A teacher is said to be sacred. This importance given to a teacher, has been given from centuries back and that is being followed till today. So I feel that good and experienced people who are capable of teaching should come forward and this chain of believing a teacher as sacred shall not be broken. And anyway a computer cannot manage a class as good as a teacher or punish us as good as a teacher!!!!!!!!!


I don't think that computers can ever replace teachers. Teaching has much more to it than just lecturing, giving exams and checking the papers. It also involves interaction with the students. Teachers give such a lot of moral and emotional assistance to students. We can talk to them, ask them to solve our queries and most importantly we can improve ourselves with their help. You can't expect an inanimate odject to do all this stuff. Computers and internet can help us to a certain extent in our studies but it can never substitute teachers. They are ONLY AIDS TO TEACHING AND NOT TEACHERS.


Computers cannot be replaced for teachers because teachers can teach a person individually if one person doesn't understand it. The individual person can be taught in various views on the same topic. But I feel computers give the same formats and meaning for one paragraph.


I am 100% sure that in the coming years this will also happen. Where do we need teachers these days. We children are so intelligent and sometimes we tend to ourselves teach the teachers. The teachers these days don't care about teaching children consciously as they know that we already know everything. So we can cancel them from the picture too. In fact all problems will end there itself. We will be able to get full attention from an electronic teacher, that is the computer. Teachers nowadays in anger have killed students so imagine how many lives will be saved. There will be no schools so how much capital will be saved and that can be invested in production and inturn will lead to the progress of the country. So teachers in this era are not needed.


In the coming days it will happen but it cannot completely replace teacher. Because where does it get info if it completely replaces teacher it can't just find it it self so you must have a teacher/program manger to paste it so it can never fully replace teacher so if it doesnt fully replace teacher we have changed the topic to: should computer be a part of teaching =D the mean reason it can't replace teacher is that it doesnt interact with student i remember think by remembering what the teach did when he/she is teaching i belive that others do too. besides what should you do if there is a blackout O.O good luck finding the battery.








A teacher can understand our feelings and emotions but a computer can't do this.


I am not completely convinced to this statement. In support I want to say that it is easy to get knowledge from a computer because it is comparitively cheap and time saving. We can gain knowledge when we want. there is no limitation. and we can say that freeness makes a person researcher if you use it in positive way. In opposition I argue that it is very dangerous to our economy because there is unemployment in our economy. Teaching is a good job because it gives employment to many other view a teacher is a need of a student because a student can study by support and punishments. A computer cannot give support and punishment.


This is a nice topic which we can argue in both side but the truth is computers can help the people to do their work but I can't teach it.


We can agree that computers can provide us with info on various topics and help us. But can never ever replace a teacher!


sorry friends i am totally against the topic ?As there will be always a need to have lively and engaging teachers to inspire those who want to learn . To a certain extent we can say that education and teaching wiil have to change and will benift from the internet,but internet itself is not eduction alone. It is a vast gulf of raw data, and where would any prospective student start? Already our country is facing the problem of unemployment. So at present scenario its better to avoid these type of thinking and join our hand in hand and try to be the reason in the development of our country. !!!PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN!!!

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