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Should cutting of trees be encouraged?
Trees are being cut on a large scale by mankind for its selfish purposes. Should it be encouraged?
Started on  7-Oct-2006  By  Snehal Prakash Dhawale   E-mail :

As per my opinion, my answer is NO! Because if cutting of trees are encouraged like this, one day will emerge that no trees will be there in the world and the mother earth will be destroyed by ourselves we ourselves will be the cause of our death. So, we should not cut trees. Now, you will say that if we will not cut trees how will we live? I have an answer! If you cut one tree you should plant atleast five trees because you had cut one TREE! This can also help us in protecting our mother nature and also we will be able to live our lives happily! So, today we will all make a promise that if we cut trees we will plant minimum 5 trees. Do reply me soon friends!


I think cutting of trees should be compensated by growing 6 saplings after cutting one tree. I completely understand the fact that man needs trees for various purposes. So I will not say " Don't cut trees." Cut trees but please compensate for the loss incurred by Mother Nature.


Trees are a part of our ecosystem & destroying their life is not less than destroying the ecosystem we are living in ie. ultimatly calling hazards of life destruction for ourselves.


Well it is true that mankind uses trees for many reasons such as paper, firewood and constructions but just maybe we are using too much? We should only take what we need and not a bit more. Or when we cut one tree we should plant two seeds that will grow into the same type of tree. What I am saying is, it is O.K to cut down trees but not more than we need, I am not encouraging it to be more nor am I discouraging it to be less.


What type of a question is that? Will anybody encourage cutting trees?Its our duty as a citizen of India not to encourage cutting trees. Because its our environment and we should protect it. If we do not protect our environment and encourage cutting trees,there will be a loss to us!


The earth is being destroyed by the clear cutting of trees. The trees support the perfect balance of the earth and without trees there are major catastrophies. The trees maintain the perfect season on earth. The trees absorb all the carbondioxide and release perfect oxygen. When there are no trees left there is no more oxygen in the air and the earth will soon rot. WHEN WILL THE LEGAL SYSTEM TAKE MAJOR ACTION AGAINST THE LOGGERS AND THE CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES. WE DO NOT NEED MORE PAPER - THE COMPUTERS ARE WORKING. WITHOUT TREES THE EARTH IS CERTAINLY DYING.


Superb. You have a nice idea I appreciate you a lot. I will also plant trees from now onwards your words inspired me a lot.


trees and forest are our original property please preserve them.

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