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Holy Flower

The shoeflower that belongs to a group of plants called hibiscus is offered to many gods during worship, but it is with Durga that the flower is chiefly associated.

The flower is called Jaba in Bengali.

According to the legend, when the goddess Durga assumed the form of Kali to destroy evil, the hibiscus plant gave the red colour of its flowers to the goddess’ eyes so that they would glow red with anger and strike terror in the heart of the enemies. The goddess was touched by the gesture and offered to grant the plant any boon that it asked for.

"I wish to serve you forever," said the plant, simply. Its wish was granted. The goddess promised to bless anyone who offered her Java flowers.

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There are over 200 varieties of the flower in India. The one which is associated with the goddess is the bright red China Rose.

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Holy Flower,does it come back every year? Which are some flowers to plant that will come back every year and that are pretty different?
Hi, Thanks for the information. I want to know how many types of tulsi are available in India and its biological name presently.
utsav jain
Very good site. I want to know why chinarose is called shoe flower?
Why there is other description about shoeflower
K. N. Sankara Narayanan
I was astonished that you have given so much information through your web site - Actually I was reading a webpage on the life history of Bhogar through which I got your web site. Even though this would help science students, you have made it so simple for others also to read and understand, especially with pictures. May your service continue for a long time to come. With Best Wishes. Sankara Narayanan
Pranju P
You made my day. Thanks for the information you have given to me
Dear Sir, Please send me all the details about Hibiscus plant by today. i.e from begining to end. Its very urgent.
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