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Have you seen Oregano? Have you tasted it? If you have ordered a Pizza at home, the chances are that you have done both. The plant has many names- Karpooravalli, Suganda, Patharchur, and Pashanbandha are a few of them. Itís Latin name is Plectranthus amboinicus, it is also known as Coleus aromaticus, and Coleus amboinicus. It belongs to the plant family Labiatate (Mint family). Although the Indian species is called Oregano, it is different from the Mediterranean Oregano.
Mediterranean Oregano

Genus Origanum, the Mediterranean Orgenao, has 49 species, growing in the wild. The common ones are Winter Marjoram (O. heracleoticum) a native of Greece, and pot Marjoram (O. onites) native to Sicily.

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While the Coleus aromaticus is used in medicines, the Oregano is largely used today as a food-flavouring herb. Species of Lippia and Lantana (Verbenaceae) are also used as Oregano. Dried herbs are used to make flavouring.
Oregano in Myth

Origanum (Joy of the mountains) was a favourite of Goddess Aphrodite, but it was Goddess Venus who bestowed the plant its fragrance. In ancient Greece and Rome, the herb was used in rituals. Marjoram has been found in the Egyptian mummy garlands dating from the First Century A. D. Ancient Greeks and Romans crowned bridal couples with wreaths of marjoram to symbolize love, honour and happiness.
Oregano as medicine
Oregano can be called a miracle herb. It is gentle, safe, yet lab studies demonstrate that it can kill a wide variety of virus, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Use it internally and externally, for
specific problems or a general cleansing if microbes have taken up residence in your body. It is used to treat conditions such as indigestion, diarrhoea, nervous tension, insect bites, toothache, earache, rheumatism, whooping cough, and bronchitis. It is also known to be an effective first aid for bee stings and other venomous bites. Relief from symptoms of sore throat, diaper rash, intestinal gas, mild breathing difficulties, skin disorders, dandruff, allergies, hay fever and sinusitis are reported. It is also known to be a very powerful painkiller, stimulates flow of bile aiding digestion and reported to have anti-oxidant properties.
The miraculous properties of Oregano are possible due to the active phenolic compounds- carvacrol and thymol that have fungicidal properties. In addition, Oregano has calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, baron, manganese and vitamins A, C and Niacin. These combine to give it miraculous fungicidal and germicidal properties.
How to grow
Oregano is easy to propagate by divisions or cuttings. They require well-drained soil and full sun. Water logging leads to root rot. You can harvest the benefits of this plant if you eat a single leaf daily.

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Send me more information about Coleus aromaticus & Acalypha indica
Lekshmi Sreekumar
Information not sufficient. Please give more
I want to know more of this herb Oregano. Could you tell me its common tamil name.
girish kumar rasineni
Can you please send me more information on coleus aromaticus and if possible coleus zeylanica and if any research has been done on medicinal properties of this plants
A nice informative article
Its common tamil name is OmaValli, Karpoora Valli
I want names of poisonous plants in tamil. Also about visha mooli, a tamil plant.
Kindly send me the english name for krunkuvalai flower
Can you please send more info about karpoora valli in children use.
This is the first time I have come across the site, and I must say it seems to be a really good website for children. There is a lot of information provided on various topics and I think it will be really valuable for holistic development. However, it doesn't seem to be widely known. I would recommend you publicise the site more and make it known to parents & children
This is the first time, I see this website, I want to know the name of Cedar wood, Cedar oil In Tamil. If possible give me more information about it. Thank you
I want the botanical name for the plant "alunchi -tamil name"
Ganesan arumugam sharma
I'm an undergraduate student in biotechnology attached to one of the university in Malaysia. I have been given a final year project on karpoora valli and I would like to know if this herbal plant has any medicinal value to cure peptic ulcer which is caused by Halicobacteria pylori. Please kindly reply to my mail and thank you.
Pauravi Pathak
Oregano is the plant which gives us the 'Ajwain' seeds. Ajwain has many medicinal properties.
nanda kumar n
I want to know the common tamil name for oregano. Is it kariveppalai -- ury leaf -- or something else? Enquiries among friends evoked various replies. Thanks.
Is Ajwain and oregano is the same. Please comment
can you please send us the use of oregano more on the relief of cough. What are its contents that will help to relief cough and could you please send us also some researches about oregano regarding relief of cough.tnx
jennifer magbanua
can you give me more information about oregano specifically the Coleus aromaticus sp. can you send it through my e-mail( because it is my thesis problem...Hope you can help me.. Any information you can give, I really appreciate it very much.... Thank you very much and More Power...
This is good for kids. They can understand it.
I am doing biotechnology and I like to do project in medicinal plants particularly in karpooravalli plant.can u plz tell me the uses of that plant? i need its origin,names,medicinal values.its molecular structure,its research work etc. if possible give me more information regarding this plant my mail id:
Dear sir/Mam I want all the birds and animals, vegetables names in both tamil-english. Pls. Help me in which website it is available. Thanking you.
Its good to know about the medicinal value of oregano. I am having interest in planting of all kinds of medicinal plants. Can u guide me regarding this.
I am a student of M.Phil Biotechnology, i would like to do a project in poisonous plants for drug designing. So I want some of the poisonous plants which are seen in tamilnadu and their common tamil names. Can you pls me?
Give the medicinal properities and phytochemical present in coleus aromaticus
I am doing m.phil microbiology and I like to do a project in medicinal plants particularly in oma valli(coleus aromaticus) plant. Can u plz tell me the uses of that plant? I need its origin, names, medicinal values. Its molecular structure, its research work etc. If possible give me more information regarding this plant my mail.
pls send me the image of anisochilus carnosus
please send me the details if any regarding antipyretic actvities of coleus aromaticus for purpose of PhD programme.
its very interesting and useful.
I am doing my M.Phil zoology. I am working in coleus aromaticus induced immunomodulation in mice...please send me the details regarding the pharmacology , anticancer activity,..of coleus aromaticus...all details regarding coleus is in need....send me as soon as possible...!!!!
I am also working on colius. I am doing m.pharm.
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I am doing Ph.D in Biochemistry.I want to know whether this plant has nephroprotectant or antikidney cancer property.I expect your valuable suggestion.
Many information from this site.
I am doing M.Sc.,biotechnology and I like to do project in medicinal plants particularly in karpooravalli plant.can u plz tell me the uses of that plant? I need its origin,names,medicinal values.its molecular structure,its research work etc. if possible give me more information regarding this plant.
What is cedar wood in tamil called? Can anyone please tell me and I also want some of the herbal names in tamil? Is there any website which gives english to tamil translation?
The article gives a lot information of the oregano plant.
Rajaguru Jayaraj
Karpooravalli is a Tamil name- means camphor flavoured. Just cut the plant and plant it. Water it daily. New plant will develop.
what is the meaning of kapooravalli ? how we plant it ? what are the uses of this plant ?
Please... give me more details about Coleus amboinicus & dolichos biflorus !!!
I like the information on plants.
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