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The national fruit of Jamaica is the akee (also spelt ackee) safe to eat when ripe but dangerous in the immature state.
The fruit is yellowish-red in the beginning but gradually turns a bright red. When it is fully ripe, it pops open to reveal fleshy white seed
coverings called arils.
These arils are the only edible parts of the fruit and are consumed as a vegetable. They are said to have a nutty taste much appreciated by Jamaicans and West Indians, in general. The arils, like the rest of the fruit and seeds, are poisonous when the fruit is raw, but when it ripens and breaks open, sunlight neutralises the poison in the arils and then it is safe to eat them.
Though the akee is widely grown in the West Indies it is not a native of these parts.

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Its original home is West Africa.

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