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Velcro Plants!

It was only recently that man discovered the “touch and close” tape, Velcro. This discovery was inspired by nature, since seeds, fruits and even whole plants “stowaway” on the coats of animals by gripping on in the same manner as Velcro; and have been doing so since time immemorial.
It was in the 1950's when George de Mestral of Switzerland observed the burdock fruit which led him to develop Velcro. This fruit has specially constructed barbed hooks so that they can fasten on to an animal's fur without damaging the whole plant. And when the burr is brushed off the coat of the animal the casing splits open. The seeds of the burdock are thus spread over a wide area and do not have to germinate in one place.

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“Stowaways” like the burdock can be counted in the hundreds in the plant world.

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Velcro is a type of cloth which was invented by an elctrical engineer.
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