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The Quiver Tree

The Bushmen of the Namib desert in South Africa used to make quaint containers or quivers for their arrows from the branches of the Quiver tree.
The tree has thick succulent leaves which grow in rosettes at the end of stumpy branches. The branches are filled with a soft fibre that holds a large quantity of water.
After cutting a branch to drink its water, the Bushman could convert it into an arrow holder by hollowing it out and closing the bottom end with a piece of leather.

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dhaneshwar dave
I am from Gujarat, I want to know about(1)seed supplier or seedling of santalum album(2)how to grow & which condition required of soil and environment (3)when and where sell the plant (4)profit and government's support
I needed to find out some information on this and I only had a little left to find. I came to this site and found exactly what I needed. It could use a little more elaboration on this widely range plant! over all it was o.k
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