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Crying Trees

A team of scientists in the United States has found that some plants give out ultrasonic beeps which sound like 'chirps' when they are under stress due to drought or disease. These chirps increase as stress increases and it appears that these chirps are audible to some insects, like the bark beetle which attack ailing trees.
The scientists subsequently developed a method of duplicating the chirps and transmitting them through plant tissue. Then they offered the beetles a variation in diet plants that chirped and others that did not. The beetles preferred the 'chirping' plants to the silent ones!

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I found that this is a very good site for children
Dr. Sandeep Saran
Can oregano be grown in Indo-gengetic plains, or foot hills of Himalayas? What is it called in UP/Uttaranchal?
Where did you get this information about 'crying trees'. I would like to find out what scientists did this work?
Where did this information on crying trees come from? I need the source of this information for a project I am working on for school. Can you help direct me to the original work?
i love this sight very much it gives us knowledge.
Seema Shroff
This is a very interesting site. Similar to Reagan's question, it would be helpful to have references for this article or name the tree species (as you have in other articles). I would also like information about the scientists who did this work. Looking forward to your reply.
I want the information about sapodilla tree.
This is a very amazing site. Children like me get valuable informations from this site. Thank you for making this informative portal.
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