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The Largest Seed

The coco-de-mer is a spectacular giant palm that grows in the Seychelles. Its smooth and straight trunk rises 30m high and is crowned with immense leaves, like pleated fans, 6m across.
Each tree carries only male or only female flowers. The female trees are taller. After fertilization, the female trees produce a cluster of huge double nuts that take seven years to mature.
The nut of the coco de mer is the largest seed produced by any plant. It can weigh up to 27kg. It resembles a coconut only from the outside; its inside is completely filled with hard flesh.

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Emily Williamson
I teach first grade, and one of my students brought in a seed that is about the size of and average ear. It is an eggplant/dark purple/black color. We were trying to figure out what kind of seed it is. If you have any idea would you please write us back at Thanks, Emily Williamson
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