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The White Dhup

The bark of the White Dhup Tree is very hard. When struck with a 'dao' (a kind of an axe), it gives out a ringing sound. The resin that oozes out from the cuts is used as an incense to drive out mosquitoes. It is also used in varnishes. The tree's timber is used to make tea-boxes and railway sleepers.
The White Dhup is a lofty tree that grows in the evergreen forests of the eastern Himalayan foothills, Assam and the Western Ghats. The tree got its name which means 'incense' from its whitish-grey smooth bark and white fragrant flowers. The leaves of the tree turn a crimson red in winter, giving it a spectacular look.

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can you throw some light on melia dubia tree thanx
jay bangad
Can you give details about dhupa oil and seed, its uses and process of extraction and availability of dhupa oil or seed.
How does white dhup give protection?
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