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The Titan Arum

The inflorescence of the titan arum that grows only in the rain forest of central Sumatra in Indonesia, is the largest in the world. An inflorescence is the complete flower head of a plant including stems, stalks, bracts and flowers.
Like all arums, it has a trumpet-shaped spathe from the centre of which projects a spadix. The spathe is 90 cm across, with its lip 120 cm above the ground. The spadix rises 2.7 m tall.
The arum produces a 6 m-tall leaf that forms a canopy 4.5 m wide! The plant stores its food in an underground corm.
After several years, the plant rests for six months. There is no sign of the corm on the forest floor. Then suddenly, a giant bud appears and opens. It grows at great speed.

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After two days, the entire structure collapses leaving a huge bag containing the fertilized female flowers. The bag decays, revealing thousands of scarlet berries which birds feast on.
To attract pollinators, the titan arum gives off a strong scent of rotting fish. It is so strong that even humans can smell it from 45m away!

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It's really cool how this is set up.
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