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The compass plant, a native of the North American midwest, has large leaves cut into several lobes. The leaves tend to line up edgewise in a north-south direction, like a compass. Early travellers across the prairies used this plant to find out the directions, so another name for it is pilotweed. The plant itself aligns its leaves in this way to escape the strong midday sun and receive the gentler early morning and late after-noon sunlight instead.
It is easy to mistake the compass plantís sunny yellow blossoms for sunflowers, but there are differences. The thick, hairy stem contains a sap or rosin. Also, the seeds are not contained in the flat disk at the centre like in the sunflower.
The compass plant grows to a great height ó around 1.5 to 3 metres tall.

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The flower heads are 4-10 cm wide. The leaves which grow in clumps near the ground are about 45 cm long.

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Sunil Patade
I am interested in cultivation of Jojaba plant cultivation. Can you guide me regarding its cultivation and commericalisation. I have 20 acres of Land in Maharastra. Is jojoba suitable where there is shortage of water supply?
Kindly send me the large view of the tree
rajendra kumar gautam
I love Plants. I love to nature.
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