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The Amazing Lily

The Amazon water lily has flowers that are white when they bloom but turn into a brilliant pink after fertilisation. The petals are huge, almost 45 cm across. The flowers bloom only at night. The dazzling white colour of the flower as well as its heady perfume attracts beetles to it.
A beetle landing on the flower, heads for the knobs at the centre, which are rich in sugar and starch. As it gorges on this, the petals of the flower close over it. The anthers ripen, shedding pollen which gets coated on the beetle's sticky body.
The beetle is held captive the whole of the next day, too, and it is only at night when the petals, which have turned pink open up, that it is released. As the pollen-laden beetle visits another water-lily, it transfers the pollen on to it.

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This plant may live for many years
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