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Socotra’s Wonders

Socotra island at the mouth of the Gulf of Aden has some trees that are not found anywhere else in the world. One of these is the cucumber tree. Everywhere else, cucumbers grow on vines that trail on the ground. On Socotra, cucumbers grow on trees which have thick, fleshy trunks.
Another tree unique to the island is the sack-of-potato tree. Its bulky trunk looks like a bulging sack and it has hardly any leaves. However, in winter, it puts out bunches of pink flowers.
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Which is the most nutritive fruit?

In a study conducted at Rutgers University, the Kiwi fruit was found to have the widest range of minerals and vitamins among 27 fruits that were studied.
The papaya was found to be the second most nutritive fruit.

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Oranges and mangoes were placed in the third and fourth place, respectively, and the apple, which is said to keep the doctor away, headed the list from the bottom.

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Could you give me the Latin Name of the sack-of-potato tree?
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