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Meet The Chiru
-By Luis

The chiru or Tibetan antelope is found in Tibet from where it sometimes strays into Indian territory.
It is relentlessly hunted for its fleece, known as shatoosh. The fleece is traded to Kashmiris who weave it into exquisite shawls that have a worldwide market. As each shawl sells for between 3000 to 15,000 dollars, it is a lucrative trade. The only loser is the chiru, whose numbers have dwindled from about a million half a century ago, to an estimated 65,000.
The animal has been declared an endangered species and animal rights activists are agitating for a worldwide ban on the manufacture and sale of shatoosh shawls.

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I am strongly against the manufacture of shahtoosh shawls. Although I'm only 13 years old, I believe we can all make a difference. I would like to commend you all for spreading awareness about these important issues. I have also sent a letter to Maneka Gandhi, who is working hard for this cause.
I would like to file a complaint on the cruelty done to dogs in my area to Smt. Maneka Gandhi. So please send me her email id.
I want to file a complaint to Maneka Gandhi against the cruelty done to the ducks in an organisation.
I would like to obtain Smt Maneka Gandhi's e-mail id as some people are threatening to kill the local dogs in the colony.
Dear animal lovers, Here is another person who is working for animals. premchand
Anisha Jain
In this letter of mine I would like to highlight the exploitation done to animals by magicians. I am a resident of Jalandhar Punjab) and there is a magician (name removed) who is using animals to lure the public and this is not a right thing to do. Since Smt.Maneka Gandhi is also against such misuse and exploitation towards animals I would request her to take some active steps because these animals also have the right to live freely on this earth as much as we do. I am unable to contact her as I am not able to get any link how to contact her so if you could please provide me the link to contact her I would be highly obliged and it is my request to you to please pass on this letter to her and send me a letter on my E-mail ID to let me know if my letter has helped in some way or the other in saving animals.
Mr Santosh Kumar Mohanty
I am frantically searching for the email ID of Maneka Gandhi. Please give her email ID soon. Thanking you, Santosh
Syed Faisal Qadri, Advocate J&K, High Court
I am searching for Maneka Gandhi's e mail id. Recently there was a news item in The Hindu dated 26th June 2006 relating to killing of Trout fish in Kashmir. I would like to do something for stopping the same. Do something for protecting the specie. Faisal
Samir Jhunjhunwala
Please let me know as to whom should I contact to lodge a complain against my neighbour, who keeps his dog under very pathetic conditions. Thank you, Samir from Patna/ Bihar.
Most of the people want to know about the email id of Maneka Gandhi but there is not even .0001 % reply to that. Then whats the use of posting comments?
It is sad to know that relocation of pets especially cats is difficult within India,but its easier to import them!!! Dogs are given more importance in the airways but not cats. I've had nearly 2 dozen cats for the past 12yrs now & planning to move to south India along with them. I wish to know the best hassle-free mode of transport with necessary precautions to relocate them. Requesting u therefore to pls forward my problem to Maneka Gandhi for her expert advice. Hope she'll oblige to my request. Thank U, yashasv frm calcutta
Mugdha Phadnavis
I am 13 years old. I have seen near my school that a man usually comes and shows monkey shows. He has 2 monkeys, one young and other is old.The older has no teeth, probably he must have removed them.
Recently I came across viewing of horse races at race course in Mumbai for the first time.When the race comes to an end,the jockey hits the horse at least for around 10 times with his stick . I have heard that this hit with stick is causing a heavy pain to horse. For the sake of fun and enjoyment,we can not treat the horses in this manner. This practice of hitting horses with stick should be banned immediately from humanity point of view.I am also going to publish this in leading newspapers. Pl. do something for this to the extent possible. Thanking you.
Hi, I am Vikram bagdai from Pune,working with TATA group.Mam I am very much interested in animal life & I am a good Fan of yours, I Have Few Questions - Mam I want to do many things in animal welfare, not only for Tigers but for all the Species,& the Question is about my & my familiers Bread & Butter so I only want 1 suggestion as is there any way,any organisation which hires the person regarding the same job. Also if you are having any vacancy regarding such kind of person then PLZ lookafter the same. I will wait for your reply & your suggestion. Thanks & Regards,Vikram Bagdai.
Great thinking!
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