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Let's Not Lose Them
-By Rani Iyer

Did you know that all orchids are endangered? Orchids are unusual flowers that have captured the attention of humans, or stirred their passions. Since the beginning of our knowledge of botany, all orchids, about 20,000 wild varieties have been systematically collected and hunted. Adventurers often died during daring collection ventures in swamps and forests. And gardeners toiled for centuries to perfect the technique of coaxing an orchid to grow and flower in the greenhouse.
As if a pretty face is not enough, orchids also have interesting relationships with their symbiotic partners and pollinators. Orchid seeds germinate only when a special type of fungus, which does not harm the plant, infects them. Consider the case of the bee orchid, in the island of Majorca.

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The bee orchid blossoms look and smell just like honey and lure the male bees to visit them. The bee mistakes the flowers for their mate and repeatedly visits them. The plant has tricked the bees to carry pollen sacs, pollinia, from one flower to another! The bucket orchid lures male bees with perfumed oil that the bees need to attract mates. Some orchids have tortuous traps; others attract flies by smelling like dead meat! Orchids pollinated by butterflies look like flowers that offer nectar-rich rewards. These unique interactions between pollinators and orchids are called co-evolution.
Orchid lovers from all over the world gather for an annual International Orchid Show, where thousands of fans gather and wait eagerly for the verdict on the showiest flowers created by orchid breeders. Human breeders have created many more types of hybrid orchids than nature. They take pride in watching their plant grow from seed, and wait for several long years until it blooms! Orchids can be grown indoors, and in all climates. Because of this, orchids are in demand throughout the world. Next time you see an orchid, try not to fall under its spell!

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It is a wonderful site and an extremely interesting site. It helped me complete my project on extinct and endangered species of plants. Thank you.
pishu vasnani
I reside in Jaipur (Rajasthan), interested in growing orchids, could you please guide and help me.
Rupali Pednekar
Please send me thorough information regarding orchids
Very interesting and useful site. I am interested in greenhouse management and orchid farming, could you please guide me?
Shyam Lal
I am interested in growing sandalwood tree at my village in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh.. Our Area is not as cold, minimum Temperature During Winter remains between 5-10 Degree Celcius and maximum remains between 20-25. During summer Min Tem. remains Between 15-20 and max. tem. remains between 35-40 degree celcius. Rainfall is Normal during rainy season. Please guide me which kind of sandalwood trees grow fast, what climate do they require. How can I get a sapling and if any govt. permission needs to be take Shyam
rae phoenix
I am making a short documentary on orchids I was wondering if there are any folktales, stories or intersesting tales regarding the orchid? If you have any or know of anyone who does I would love to find out about them.
I have few orchids at home in Pune, but some of them don't bloom at all. I am interested in knowing more about taking care of orchids.
Vincent Paul
Would like to know more about growing orchids in terraces and apartments in Pune.
Archana Deokar
I liked your site. I'm interested in growing orchids I have few orchid species with me but would like to know more about propogating them. The weather in my city is not humid , winters are very cold and the rains are also good But overall the atmosphere is dry.
Very nice
I want to grow orchids.
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