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Eco Warriors
Greenpeace movement
-By Rani Iyer

All around the world, the loss of forests and the greenery to encroaching farmlands, and housing needs are of concern. Yet, halting the onslaught on the environment that forms the very basis of our lives is a difficult thought. In many poor nations, the line between starvation and conservation is thin. The Earth is fragile and hurts everyone, including man, when we go on exploiting and modifying it.
The Greenpeace movement was born as a voice of the fragile earth. The movement is most famous for its activism, where volunteers visit sites of activities that are harmful to the earth or threaten the life of a group to extinction. In 1971, volunteers sailed out on a small boat to Amchitka in Alaska where they witnessed the underground nuclear testing.

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In a series of protests in 1980s when they campaigned successfully against International whaling, volunteers went out on boats in the high seas and put themselves between the harpoon and the whale.
The ship that carries the volunteers to the seas on these missions is known as 'Rainbow warrior.' The name is derived from a Cree American- Indian legend. The legend is set at a time when man's greed made the earth sick. There were more exploiters than protectors. At that time, a band of people known as 'the warriors of the rainbow' would raise to defend her.
Greenpeace operates all around the world. It is a powerful voice against the threat to the planet and strives to protect biodiversity and environment. Over the last few decades the Greenpeace movement has campaigned for stopping climate change, protecting ancient forests, to stop whaling, saving the oceans, eliminate toxic chemicals, stop the threat of a nuclear holocaust, and to encourage sustainable trade. They have also campaigned against genetic engineering.
What sets Greenpeace apart from the other groups? It is the dedication of its volunteers who raise funds and take part in the activities that alter the course of destruction, aiding in conservation.
No contribution or effort is small in aiding conservation. Individuals and groups have shown it to us again and again in different times, countries and circumstances. Dedication by individuals or groups can bring about remarkable differences in the conservation history of an area. Plant a tree or join the effort, there are many ways to do this!

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marina ama omowale maxwell
dear rainbow warriors /GreenPeace I want to sing a praise song for you and your work. thank you for caring. I am a novelist and poet ( and PhD Cand/TV ) writing an eco novel right now called The 8th Octave in which the rainbow warriors are going to appear. Want you to know. Love you dearly. Would like to make TV programmes on your work too. the Magical Realism book begins " All the frightened forests,seabirds etc were calling to him..." it ties in the dreadful threats of man -made warming/ mining disasters , El Nino/Nina etc and the plight of the indigenous peoples.. Would love to join you - how can I help in the Caribbean ? marina ama omowale maxwell
marina ama o maxwell
Please send me the story of Greenpeace as RAINBOW WARRIORS
Zinia Natasha Fernandes
Hey "Rainbow Warriors"! I believe you guys are the most deserving and incredible beings one could ever know or hear of. The work you are doing is mind-blowing. These efforts are going to be the greatest blessings to human kind. I offer all of my concern to you. And know that you are the ones, because of whom God would spare mankind from his anger and rage. Thanks A Million And Go On. All praise to God! To all the "Rainbow Warriors!!
Satyashree Mohanty
Hey "all the activist of Greenpeace" ! take a are incredible people for the efforts you all have shown to make the earth a better place to live. I wish I could contribute a little if I get a chance to work with you all. Keep going and all the blessings of mother earth will shower on all the people who care for nature and mother earth. I would love to join the campaign anywhere in the world without any hesitation. Take all the strength and carry on with the good work.
Francisco Huaman SEdano
s.o.s. Save the life in the forest we need help, and, contact with your theme reforrestation. Coordinator "Casa Campesinos" de Perú- Iquitos, dirección Str. Moore 246 "Program Amazonas" Telephon 0051-65-266581
Sven Nehlin
We are going to make a link to your website if you make a corresponding reference to and especially to our page about the Plant Rights (UDPR)
marlou maciver
How would one start a reforrestation project in Haiti?
Pathetic information
Hey nice work though. The greenpeace movement is doing a commendable job indeed!!! Keep up the good work. We like you!!
rowell pugal
Please go to the philippines to clean the dirty pasig river and payatas dumpsite. please protect our forests and endangered species.keep up the good work,rainbow warriors and protectors of the sick mother earth.
amol salvi
I am very much fascinated by your work and dedication. I want to choose the same field as my career . I want your suggestions & guidance regarding this oppurtunity . Waiting for your reply!!
I am very interested in knowing what do you actually do to forge the green peace movement. what are your actions? I see some forests eroding in my neighbourhood which is the cause of my concern. If I could do someting as an individual or collectively as an organisation please mail me at the above id.
beena kapadia
can u tell me the Indian headquarter of the movement?
Levy Zamora
I would like to become a member of the Greenpeace Movement. There has been a lot of environment degradation here in the Philippines.
Ma. Patria D. Fortes
I am with a university in Metro Manila, Philippines and we (admin, faculty & students) would like to be a participant in the advocacy for the environment. Please send me programs and. or contact persons as to how we shall go about this. Thank you
ekia willibroad tanga
HI i am a cameroonian . A communication graduate . I want to applaud the greenpeace movement for the cauragious steps taking in the Japanese whale fishing vesel . This really did act as a booster for the other activists else where around the world . I JUST WANT TO SAY MORE GRISE TO YOUR ELBOW. wE RAELLY WANT THIS WORLD TO BE A BETTER PLACE TO STAY. IiTHUS REALLY W.ANT TO BECOME AMEMBER OF THIS PRESTIGIOUS ORGANISATION. THANKS. MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU. I JUST HAVE PLANT A TREE .
Respected sir, I am a m.phil research scholar in pondicherry university. I want to do my project in green peace movement. Can I get more materials about green peace movement?
I want to help in saving our environment not only for our own good for the future generations to come.
Gerardo Malazo Leonin
I am a nature lover and I am deeply concerned with the the rapid degradation of our forest. I wanted to be a member of GreenPeace in saving and protecting the trees. More power to green peace movement!
I really love our mother Eath!! I am from La Union working in one of the State Universities here in La Union. As a researcher, major in plant pathology, and in the government, I really find hard time requesting for funds to conduct some innovations specially as far as recyling studies and topics related to waste management. No funds... but I really want to get into pro-EARTH activities.
sarthaj banu
I would like to become a member of the Green peace movement. I hate polythene bags usage and plastics. I like to make my town clean without all these hazardous substances.
lakshmi srikanta
I think really they really are warriors cause while some of us making our planet even worse they are trying to save it.....i would love to be a part of such kind of group...... :)
jinesh jacob
Protection of meadows and hills in Kerala, India.
lauro jon s. matic
Im a concerned citizen from san fernando pampanga phil. Due to the road widening project in San Fernando Pampanga along the Mc Arthur Highway Philippines, the trees along the high way are being cut down in order to pave way for the project. Because of this, 2000 plus trees aging around 50-100 years old are in danger. I do hope that there are still ways in order to save the reamaining trees from being cut down. As of today, July 14, 2009, approximately 1000 trees have already been cut down. Help save the Earth save the trees!
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