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Pigeon Lady
-By Rani Iyer

For all of you out there who watched ‘Home Alone’ and wondered about the Pigeon lady, count me in. When my friend moved to New York, I pestered her with questions about central park. Had she seen the statue of Balto, the sledge dog? When did the flowers bloom at the best? And had she heard about the Pigeon lady? She would not speak to me for months after that!
The decade of 1960’s, people lost jobs, and many became homeless. It was known as the ‘depression years’. Around this time, people began to notice a lady, probably homeless, and jobless like millions of others.

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Unlike the others who were in search of jobs, or opportunities, one lady chose to feed the numerous pigeons in the central park! She was covered with pigeons from head to toe, whether she was sitting, standing or walking, and the birds’ pecked food from her hands. The pigeon lady was shy, and moved away from people when they approached her. If you are like me, you might wonder why a homeless person would spend money on bird food? Did she have a job or a home? Who was she? Why did she choose to connect with birds instead of humans?
Nature has innumerable elements to which helps people in pain feel better. In Australia Dolphins help severely epileptic children swim, while petting zoos all over the world have brought delight to millions of children who cannot speak, or see. Animals are routinely used in therapies. Dogs, cat, birds, and other animals live with people as companion and pets. Nature heals, nature helps. Like the pigeon women, we need to understand the power of the silence, and let nature work its magic when we need it. Undoubtedly, we will need it often.

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I am an animal lover!!! I loved this story. Was it true or rather false. Doesnt matter because the story really meant something to be taken care of! thanks to u since u shared tis story
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