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Dr. Bach and flower Cure
-By Rani Iyer

During a walk in the deep silent woods one foggy morning in Wales, Dr. Bach saw some flowers soaked in dew. The perfume of the flower and its essence seemed to have assimilated in a single drop. This observation made a lasting impression on him. Using nature as his source of inspiration, Dr. Bach developed a new method of treatment. Imagine having to sniff scents as a medicine!
The use of flowers or their essences to change emotions is not new. It is perhaps as old as mankind. Tribal cultures all over the world, from the Adivasis in India to the Aborginals in Australia, have relied on the flower essences to bring about emotional balance. This is also known in ancient cultures among the Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians. Flower essences were also popular in the middle ages.

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Paracelsus, a Greek author, wrote about the collection of dew from flowering plants and diluted it to treat emotional imbalances. All the great doctors in both eastern and western culture believe that good health is achieved by spiritual, mental, and emotional harmony.
In 1928 when Dr. Bach was working on his floral essence therapy the idea was appreciated for it's simplicity as it is today. Dr. Bach believed that- fear, anxiety, panic, impatience, and intolerance could cause weak health. By curing the distress, he thought, the disease could be prevented or potentially cured.
How did Dr. Bach discover his plants? He studied 38 plants and determined how to transfer their energy into elixirs that could be diluted for use. Imagine an Impatiens plant. It's need for water makes it wilt fast on hot or dry days. To Dr. Bach that suggested an ideal remedy for impatient people! When he observed the Christmas rose blooming in winter, he concluded that it had the power to rejuvenate. It was later discovered to be useful in controlling pain. His famous 'Rescue remedy' is used by people world wide in panic situations.
Although Dr. Bach died in 1936, his remedies are used to this day. In fact there are hundreds of plants and flowers from many countries that are used to cure or prevent several conditions. Flower essence treatments have no side effects and are compatible with any medicine system.
All this is the work of the dew from the flower. Imagine the potential of nature and it's limits!

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It is extremely interestisng to know about flower remedy. I would like to know more, particulatly in dealing cases anxiety neurosis.
Kaushik Banerjee
Please feel free to discuss with me. Regards, Kaushik Banerjee
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