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Feeding his Ancestors

Trikamji Devji Thakkar of Mulund, Mumbai has been feeding the crows in his neighbourhood for the last 30 years.
The moment he steps out of his house at 6.30 a.m. , about 500 crows fly down to be fed by him. He feeds them again a few hours later while leaving for work. The crows have no fear of him. They perch on his hands and shoulders and gobble the grain and other food he holds out to them.
He believes that by feeding the crows he's feeding his pitrus (ancestors). However, he also feeds the dogs of the neighbourhood.

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jayasree Banerji
During meal time we are visited by crows and we feed them with leftovers kept on the window ledge. If I am late they remind me by cawing. They are friendly and disciplined. They dont bother me in other than the fixed meal time. Hope I am doing the right thing.
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