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The Tulip festival
-By Rani Iyer

The Tulip festival is celebrated in May every year in Holland, Michigan, USA. It began in 1928 when the Mayor bought 100,000 tulip bulbs from Netherlands and planted them all over the town. Bulbs were made available to the residents at one cent a piece. By 1934, the Tulip time was a national event lasting for nine days. Dance, plays, and competitions staged around this time fascinated people all over the country.
During the World War II years, the festivities were discontinued, but the flower show continued.. Parades, flower show, Dutch dance and music were revived in 1946, when the people of Amsterdam gifted a barrel organ to the citizens of Holland in Michigan. Since then Tulip time is one of the largest flower festivals in United States.

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To the Dutch people all over the world, Tulips are important part of their heritage. In 1559, Dutch botanist, Carolus Clusius found Tulips growing in the gardens of Vienna. They were brought in from Turkey. In the next seventy-five years, the Tulip plants transformed from the 'rare' find into a thing of value. It fired the imagination of the Dutch like never before. Bulbs of new varieties that could produce some unique variation became collector's items and expensive treasures. The period from 1634 to 1637, is called the Tulipomania era, in the Netherlands. It is recorded that one bulb of the Tulip, "Semper Augustus," a red and white flower with a blue jtinted base, was sold for 1,000 florins. When the customer looked closely, he saw two bulbs. He sold each of them for 1,000 florins! Such prices were perhaps ordinary. People went to extraordinary lengths to own and cherish some rare Tulip plants. Compare this with the price of one bulb of an exotic Tulip: a load of grain, four oxen, twelve sheep, five pigs, two tubs of butter, one thousand pounds of cheese, four barrels of beer, two barrels of wine, a suit of clothes and a silver drinking cup!
This beautiful flower holds people under its spell even today. Netherlands continues to be the Tulip capital of the world. Tulips grown here are sent all over the world. The beauty of the Tulip has not been lost in time. The fascination and appreciation for the Tulip has grown worldwide. The beauty of the Tulip is indeed worth its weight in gold!

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robert t. walters
Please send us the dates of the Tulip Festival in the year 2005.
patty garland
Please send me the dates of the Tulip festival in 2005.
Amit Jain
Please send me the dates for the tulip festival in the year 2005.
Rebecca Gill
Please send me dates for the Tulip Festival in 2005. Also any information on places to stay during the festival would be greatly appreciated.
Bob LeClair
Would also like dates , Please be specific about dates , Does it run all month ? Is it held in Amsterdam or elsewhere in Holland ?
Kathleen Inskeep
Could you please send me the dates and the times for the Tulip Festival? When I was a young person, friends took me to the Festival. It was something that I have never forgotten. Would love to revisit those beautiful gardens.
Plz send me the dates of the tulips fest
Karen Daley
Would also like dates, Please be specific about dates, Does it run all month? Is it held in Amsterdam or elsewhere in Holland?
What are the exact dates of the festival for 2006? Are there hotels in the area? What airport is closet to fly into? Eating places, activities? Can I also write your tourist board for additional infomation?
Richard Gielda
Please advise what weeks would be ideal for the 2006 festival visit.
Chi marie
First of all, I have tulip fetish, in other words, I am obsessed with tulip flowers. I have every intention of taking a trip to Holland next to attend the Dutch Tulip Festival 2006. Could you please let me know the exact date the festival starts and how do I begin to plan to go for this extraordinary celebration..Thank you
Dr. Russell Aust
Please send me the dates for the 2006 Tulip festival . Also, if possible, other attractions and possible lodging availabilities.
pleaze send me the date for tulip festival this year 2005 as soon as possible.
Please send me the dates for the 2006 Tulip festival. Also any information on places to stay during the festival would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Adelle Blauser
Pls send dates and locations of tulip Fest for Amsterdam area. Thanks
claudia mcmullin
Please advise me of the exact dates for the 2006 tulip festival in the Amsterdam area. Also any information as to where to visit to see the most spectacular displays of tulips would be appreciated. Thank you
Carolyn Collins
Please send dates of Tulip Festival 2006. Also send brochures to Carolyn Collins, 218 S. Madison ST. Canton, MS, 39046.
Stephen Smith
What are this years dates for the festival-2006 in Holland Michigan?
xu zhu
pls send me the dates for the 2006 tulip festival in Netherland.
Please send me the dates for the 2006 Tulip Festival in Amsterdam.
Soo Yeshun
Can I know the exact date and time of the festival?? send to my email please.thanks
Lionel M. Harrold
Please send me the dates for the Tulip Festival in 2006, thanks.
please send me the dates of tulip show 2006, and how to come to that place.
please send me the tulip festival dates for 2006. thanks
Shrobona Bhattacharya
Please send me the date of the Tulip Festival in 2006 and how to come to the place. Thanks
archana rai
I would like to know about the exact dates of the festival and till what month can you see the tulips in bloom.
What is the start date of tulip festival 2006 in Holland, Michigan? Waiting for a quick reply.
Can you send me some more information on the tulip festival? Maybe a couple pictures too?
Tulip is my best flower in world. Its so beautiful. If you have any songs on tulip please send it to me.
Greg Craig
Please send dates and other info for the 2007 tulip festival. Thank You
Venugopal Sriram
Please send me the dates for Tulip Festival, 2007 to be held in Holland, Michigan, USA.
Please send me some info for the first weekend of the tulip festival,and deals on places to stay. I am interested on days 5th 6th and 7th. Thank you
Daryl Snow
I would like the 2007 tulip festival dates. Thank you.
Stephanie Carter
What week in 2006 and 2007 is the tulip festival ?
vishal jain
It is a fantastic piece of information.
Portia Lemessy
Please send me information on the tulip festival, dates and location of the festival.
Avanija Mutupuru
Please send me the dates and the exact location for Tulip festival,2007 to be held in Michigan,USA. Thank you.
Please could you send me information about festivals in which plants are used.
Smitha Anand
Please send me information on the tulip festival- dates and location of the festival for 2008.
peggy davis
Are there any places to stay on Lake Michigan that would be near the festival. thank you
P Patterson
It would be helpful to me if I knew the dates of the 2010 Tulip Time Festival. Thank you.
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