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The Tree Beaters

In ancient Sanskrit literature there are many references to young maidens kicking the Ashoka tree to make it flower. But in fact the kick can be administered by anyone. The method seems to work, though nobody really knows why. Some say the kick interrupts the flow of water upwards, triggering a defense mechanism which causes the tree to flower.

In western countries people beat their walnut trees to encourage them to bear fruit. It is believed that a good beating ensures a good crop of walnuts. Like the Ashoka, the walnut too is a tall tree. Perhaps all tall trees benefit from a sound beating occasionally.

In parts of Uttar Pradesh they resort to another stratagem to get mango trees to flower.

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If a tree has not given fruit in a particular year, the owner, accompanied by three or four friends, walks menacingly towards it with an axe and loudly announces his intention of cutting down the tree. His friends persuade him not to do so. When he has gone they berate the tree for not giving fruit and advise it to give plenty of fruit the next time if it wants to live.

The method is said to give good results.

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I presented this topic as a seminar in my class. At that time my friends were asrotnished on hearing this. My neigbour follows another method to make her plant flower she considers plants as her friends and she even talks to them. She says that this process had given her successive results.
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