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Orange Blossoms for the Bride

The daughter of the king of Spain's gardener was in love, but her father was too poor to give a dowry and so the marriage could not go ahead. One day the king received the gift of an orange tree from an African prince. Orange trees were a rarity in Europe in those days and so the king lavished great care on the tree he had been given. The Ambassador of France felt he should introduce the tree into his own country and asked the king for a cutting. The king, however, refused.
The gardener's daughter heard of the ambassador's interest in the orange tree. One evening she stole into the garden, took a cutting from the tree and sold it to the ambassador for a large sum.

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On her wedding day she wore orange blossoms in her hair in gratitude to the tree that had made her marriage possible. The white orange blossoms looked so pretty and so appropriate for the occasion that brides in Spain and neighbouring countries began to wear orange blossoms in their hair from then on, and the custom continues.

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My niece is getting married on Dec. 24th In New Mexico and is into the tradition of wearing orange blossoms in her hair or in her boquet . Where, How , do I get some , if possible. Any ideas / contacts Thank you for your help Steve
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