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A leopard and A cheetah
-Nitish Kulkarni
Std. 6th
Fravashi Academy

Leopard has rosette-shaped spots. Cheetah has solid round, or oval, spots.
Leopard has no "tear" line. Cheetah has a black "tear" line running from the inside of the eye to the mouth.
Leopard is bulkier and stronger. Cheetah is lighter, but taller, than leopard.
Leopard has a familiar "cat" shape. Cheetah is lankier than a cat.
Leopard hunts at night. Cheetah hunts during the day.
Leopard likes to drag prey up trees. Cheetah prefers grassy plains.
Leopard relies on stealth. Cheetah relies on speed (up to 115 km/hr) over short distances. It is the world's fastest animal.
Leopard has strong teeth and jaws and can crunch through thick bones. Cheetah has smaller teeth and jaws, leaving a larger nasal cavity for rapid breathing.

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It cannot crunch large bones.
Leopard walks using its legs diagonally (left front, back right etc). Cheetah walks moving two left legs, then two right legs.

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He is cute and he is interesting.
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Thanks for the info I didn't know how cute they were.
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These are so cute.
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Ilike this website.
I have seen a mud frog one time before. I was in Florida. It was amazing.
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