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Tiny But Powerful

The world’s fastest-eating mammal is the star-nosed mole. It can gobble it’s prey in 227 milliseconds, that’s almost within a quarter of a second!
The mole is 20 cm long, one third of which is the tail. It weighs about 75 g. Although tiny, it has powerful paddle-shaped hands with which it digs its home, which is a network of tunnels half a metre under the ground.
At the tip of its snout is a pink, fleshy disc with 22 finger-like tentacles or feelers, that gives it a star-like appearance, and its name. The 25000 odd sensory receptors in the tentacles enable the mole to navigate on land as well as in water, in search of worms, insects and crustaceans.

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The mole is a good swimmer and spends most of its time in water, including icy cold waters – something only a few mammals can do.
A native of North America, the star-nosed mole lives in burrows close to marshlands.

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