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Paternal Care

The female emperor penguin lays one egg during the height of the Antarctic winter. The male now takes charge of the egg and places it on its feet, tucked under a fold of skin. The mother will depart to eat, while the father stays behind to incubate the egg. He will stand and starve in this way for 60 days till the egg hatches. The father now envelops the new born chick under his skin to keep it warm.
With amazingly accurate timing the female will reappear and amongst hundreds of male penguins and chicks she manages to find her own. Quickly she feeds her chick with regurgitated food before it starves to death. The male, who has lost over one-third of his weight, leaves to gorge himself for two weeks. He then returns to his family to feed his chick with regurgitated fish.

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In this way male and female take turns in looking after their chick until it is old enough to swim and feed on its own.

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