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Calling Out To Mother

Crocodiles and alligators have a variety of calls which they use to communicate with others of their kind - threatening calls, mating calls and distress calls.
They begin to call even before they’ve hatched from their eggs. When one egg in a nest starts to call, the others join in! The noise carries to the mother who approaches the nest and carefully opens it using her front legs and jaws.
The vibrations she creates stimulate the eggs to hatch. The female tenderly scoops the hatchlings up in her jaws and carries them to the safety of the water.
The baby crocodiles form a crèche—a small group that the mother will defend vigorously. After several weeks or months, the young crocodiles split up and disperse to try and find their own habitat.

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Scientists believe that the mother crocodile recognises her own offspring with the help of chemical signals. The young ones also use several types of distress calls to solicit her protection.

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